Monday, August 16, 2010

9 weeks old.

OMG, sorry it took so long to update our blog!! I have a few minutes right now so here we go! Let's start with Logan.

Logan Ray Nitz
He's my little Logie Bear! I would say that Logan is my fiesty baby. He is definitely the impatient one. If he's hungry and we are taking to long to get his bottle ready we better be prepared for some screaming! He has quite the set of lungs. Logan is a better sleeper at night time (most of the time). He just got used to his crib about 2 weeks ago. Before he needed to be close to me, though I don't really let the co-sleeping. He really loves to be held! When Logan is in good mood, get ready to laugh! He loves to sing and make very animated faces! He is very serious as well. Lately he has been eating a lot more but he's a growing boy!! On Thursday I will update again (if I have the time) about his vitals because he has a 2 month check up! I love you, Logan.
Leon Keith Nitz III
Leon is the laid back baby! Don't get me wrong, he has a temper sometimes! But mostly he is real chill and likes to stare at the lights. His voice is very soft and he likes to smile and talk to himself! He has been sleeping in his crib longer then Logan has. I think Leon is going to be more independent. He loves to be swaddled and held tight! He's my litte chunky monkey! Leon still likes to wake up a couple times through the night. He usually goes right back to sleep after a change and bottle. He also has an appt Thursday so I will let everyone know his vitals as well. I love you, Leon!

Well, what can I say?? I loveeeee being a mommy! I love my boys more then I ever thought was possible! I have days when I am stressed because being a mommy to twins is defintely demanding and a 24 hour a day job. I wouldn't trade it for the world! I did go back to work already. I don't like being away from the boys though. I thought I would enjoy the little break but I miss them like crazy when I am gone! I don't get much sleep, rarely have a minute to sit down and relax and am always straightening something up but it's okay. I have a great support system between my husband, mom, mother in law, Karissa, Leann, Dave, Amanda, Kelly...etc the list could go on and on! I have a wonderful family & friends. I love my life as a mommy and a wife!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

12 days old!

June 10, 2010
I had a normal non-stress test. When we got to the hospital the boys would not cooperate. My blood pressure was high. I was ready and I made it known! The doctor was called and said, "Are you ready to have your babies today?!" And, of course I was. So, my mom & I called Leon and my dad and they came up. I was sent back to the recovery room at 11ish and they told me we would go back around 3:30ish. About a million nurses and doctors came back to ask questions, put in my IV, prep me, etc... I was so nervous! I was not looking forward to the epidural at all (with good reason!!). So, 3:30 comes around and of course they pushed it back a while because there was a woman that needed to go before me. Finally at like 4:30 they wheeled me back to the operating room. They didn't let Leon back until after I was completely ready. So, the anesteologist people came in and it took SEVEN times to get my epidural in!! That was horrible. I was about to give up and say just put me to sleep but I prayed to Jesus and of course they got it in! So finally at 6:00 they brought Leon in and I was feeling better. I started to get numb and started vigoursly shaking because epidural causes chills. At 6:38 P.M. Leon Keith Nitz III was born weighing 5lbs 9oz and 18 3/4 inches long. I heard his cry and immediatly fell in love! At 6:40 P.M. Logan Ray Nitz was born weighing 5lbs 11oz and was 19 inches long. They both came out screaming! We had 20 fingers, 20 toes, and beautiful babies!! There was a total of 13 nurses, doctors, etc in the operating room not including me and Leon. At 7:15 I was finally closed up and handed my babies for the first time! They wheeled us three to the recovery room where all of our family & friends came to meet the little guys! We were so blessed! Our babies didn't have to leave our side for one second (except the next day to get circumsized.) They had a little trouble at first holding up their temps but after they were under the warmer they were fine.
Later that night my new little family cuddled together in our room. We stayed in the hosptial for 3 1/2 days. The boys were discharged on Saturday but it was my decision to stay one more day because of my incision. Ever since they have been home it has definitely been a rollercoaster. I am very emotional all the time! THANK GOD for my mother who has been here almost every night to help me with the boys. Leon works midnights so he can't be here. Sometimes I stay at her house so she can be home with my dad. I just wanted to update this quickly because I don't have much time (duh!) but I will be back on here soon to update more since I am starting to finally feel better! TTYL.
Grandpa looking at his angels. Logan & Leon
Daddy with Leon & Logan

Logan & Leon

Grandparents with their babies!

Me getting ready for c-section

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What a day!

Okay so yesterday was very eventful!! We had a routine NST but nothing went as planned that day. I woke up with a "feeling" that something just wasn't right. I was making sure before we left that Leon put enough food and water out for Maxi and that we had the camera! Well, when we got to the hospital Chris (The best neonatoligist ever!) was there and she hooked the babies up to the monitors and they were actually staying on. I was measuring a few small contractions and both heartbeats were good but once again Baby B (Logan) was not being very active so his heart rate wouldn't acclerate the way they wanted. So, Chris decided to get the ultrasound out and do a bio-physical profile which is where they look for the practice breathing (which he did), look for 3 movements (like a roll or tumble) and one muscle action (opening or closing his fist or a kick). Also, they look for a pocket of fluid and his was really low again. So, he failed that too with a 6/10. Chris decided to take my blood pressure and it was 153/91 which was WAY high! She said "We might be taking babies today!" So, of course Leon, my mom and I all got really excited (but nervous) and started calling my dad and Leons mom. They decided to take my blood and a urine sample and send us to Triage to get the boys back on the monitors and see if we couldn't get Logan to react. When we got to Triage they took my BP again and it was higher then the first time. My urine sample came back with protein in it which is a sign on preeclampsia so of course they started to get worried more. My blood work came back okay though so they knew that my liver and everything were still working properly. After 2 hours on the monitors and more BP's they decided to send me home with more medicine and just come back on Thursday and see how it goes. So far today my BP was high in the morning but has went down throughout the day. Of course though I am starting to feel a few contractions here and there. I am really uncomfy and feel as big as a house! All of the docs have told me how great I've been doing because 36w4d is GREAT for twins and they will be just fine if they come.. So, I keep hoping that Thursday will be the day! It would even be better for us because Leon would only have to take two days off of work instead of 3 or 4. So, I will update again on Thursday and let everyone know what's going on!
Me in the hospital- getting the tests done

Sunday, June 6, 2010

36 weeks.

Hello. Just a quick update. I will be able to update tomorrow more when I go to the docs. Last Thursday when we went to the doctor we thought the doctor was going to want to take the babies because she couldn't find a pocket of fluid around Logan- but after a while she was able to get one around his head. I was nervous because Leon was at home and my ma and I had my car at the hospital. If there isn't enough fluid around the babies then that means the placenta could start getting tired and can cause the babies kidneys to fail. So from now on we made the decision that Leon will be going to all appts with me until next Monday when the babies will be here for sure! Well, unless they decide to take the babies tomorrow. :) I am SOO ready for them to come out... I can't sleep at all really and the heartburn is getting to be a bit ridiculous! So, until tomorrow everyone. Goodnight!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Weeks 34 & 35

Hello everyone! Sorry it's been a minute since I've updated but I just didn't feel like it... no reason really. I have nothing to do ever. All of the NST's have been good! We did have one incident last week where I went to the docs and my blood pressure dropped to 90/47 and has been low pretty much every day. When I take the blood pressure medicine it drops when I don't it's high.... I was feeling weak and shaky and was real pale so the docs took my sugar and it was fine. I had to lay down and drink juice. After about an hour it came up a little and they let me go. :) BUT that was last week and earlier this week it was low but I was feeling okay. Also, last week the boys had their last growth scan and they BOTH weighed 4 lbs 5 oz each! AND the doctors scheduled the babies c-section for JUNE 14th! That will put them a couple days over 37 weeks. That's term for twins. We are very excited and nervous at the same time. I am just nervous because of the operation itself. I know the babies will do great and will be just fine! So, that's pretty much the update for now. There are a couple pics below.. Update again soon!!

The outfitsd we will bring the babies home in.
One crib and window
Other crib and window
The door
Aunt Hope, Karissa and me.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Non stress test

Hello. 33 weeks! I have had 3 non stress tests so far and the first two have been great! The boys were so cooperative and we were only there for like a half hour. Today on the other hand... Baby A and B have completely shifted. Baby A was transverse right and B was transverse left. Last night I was up in the middle of the night for like an hour and half feeling braxton hicks contractions. Now Baby A in presenting head down and Baby B is breech on my left side. I was feeling them move around a lot last night but this morning I didn't. When we got to the doctor they were doing their practice breathing and B even had the hiccups but they were not cooperating with the movements that the doctors need to see. On the ultrasound we are supposed to see 3 body movements and a muscle movement (which is the hand opening/closing, etc...) After they weren't getting the movements on the ultrasound she decided to put them on the heart monitors and they wouldn't stay on! So, I drank some apple juice and moved around and got back on the ultrasound. A finally cooperated!! So, we were just waiting on Baby B to move around. After 2 hours he didn't!!! I was getting really uncomfy and worried. So, I was hooked back up to the monitors and they finally stayed on. They needed their heartbeats to go up and down and stay acclerated for 15 seconds. They still didn't realllly do that but they were strong heartbeats. So, instead of admitting me they just told me to go home and keep an eye on their movements and I have to go back again tomorrow for more testing. Since I've been home I've been feeling some kicks and punches- just not as much as usual. I chalk it up to the fact that there is soooo little room left in there for the little guys! I will keep everyone updated again tomorrow.

Monday, May 10, 2010

32 weeks and no work.

No pics today! But hello!! I can't believe it! My first goal from the doctors was 32 weeks and WAH-LAH I am 32 weeks and 3 days! When I went to the doctors on Thursday she took me off of work until after the babies come so my goal is to rest and grow babies! That's the most important thing right now. I do have to start going to the hospital for Non-Stress tests twice a week (starting this Wednesday) and still go for my regular clinic check ups and ultrasounds. I have another growth scan on the 20th and I am really anxious to see how much the little guys weigh. When I went four weeks ago they were 3.1 and they should gain up to a half of pound a week.. so they should be between 4 1/2 and 5 lbs. I hope so anyways! I was kinda disappointed when I was taken off of work because I felt the time would go more slowly but actually I love being home. I have been sleeping SO much better, the ligament pain isn't as horrible as it has been, (trust me- it's still there!!) and I feel so refreshed. I'm not sure if I already posted this or not but the boys room is pretty much done! Leon hung the curtains up last week and I already started washing most of their things. I only took the newborn clothes/onesies off the hangers and put them in the hamper because they got soooo many clothes that I am not going to wash the bigger ones until they get bigger. :) I did wash all of the blankies and towels and stuff. They are ready to be used! My mom and I are going to pack their diaper bag to get ready for the hospital and my suitcase too. Better safe then sorry! I wanna be prepared. Twin pregnancies are so unpredictable! But I do think that is it for now. I will update again soon! I do have more time now..


Thursday, April 29, 2010

So blessed.

So today I really started thinking about how truly blessed we really are. I am 30 1/2 weeks pregnant right now with twins. I have read soooo many stories and heard so many stories where twins have already came at this point or the moms have been put on bed rest and the babies come early. Then the babies spend a ton of time in NICU or worse. I am still working, still (somewhat) getting around, and my babies are still growing inside of me! Then all of a sudden I went to the hospital today because my cousin is 28 weeks pregnant with a singleton and she is on strict bedrest in the hospital because her placenta ruptured. I am just so lucky. God has really blessed us and I pray that the babies stay inside of me and growing healthy and strong for at least another 6 weeks! That is all.


Sunday, April 25, 2010

30 weeks!

Wow! 30 weeks! When we went to the doctor the other day the babies got their growth scans and they are 3 lbs 1 oz each!!! They are growing great! The doctors are impressed. I got 3D pics this time. You can't really see baby A that well because his face was squished against my uterus. lol. You can see baby B's face pretty good. I see my brother when he was a baby in him. :) I took pics of the pics with my camera so they aren't that great of quality but you get the idea lol. I think I will be working til 31 1/2 weeks- that will put my last day around May 5th. I am not ready to be off because I am not getting paid but I am ready to be off because it's sooooo hard growing babies. I'm sure you mommies know that already! The books I read said the babies should grow about a half pound a week now so if that's the case and we get to 36 weeks the babies should be 6 lbs!!! 32 weeks is my first goal with the babies that the docs gave me. When mommies of multiples go into labor at 32 weeks they usually don't stop it and the recovery time for the babies isn't that long.. they see some NICU time but not very much. So, that's pretty much how my last appt went. I am going back on May 6th for another appt. Leon got the second crib put together today and one of the swings. I told him not to put the other one together because I don't know if I want to keep them. It's not exactly what I had in mind and it doesn't look safe and sturdy. I know it prolly is but even the reviews aren't that great... Their room is pretty much done- we just have to hang the border and curtains and it's done! :)
So Jasper had surgery the other day to get neutered so their is a picture down there of Jasper and Leon sleeping after his surgery. He's doing better now but I think he either has an eye infection or an eye cold. :( He's still on antibiotics so I don't think it's an infection. I hope everyone is well and I will update again soon!!
Baby B Logan
Baby A Leon (you can see Logans head kinda)
Leon is waving to mommy!
Leon and Jasper sleeping after Jaspers surgery

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Our first (and hopefully last) scare!

Well, I had to go to the ER for the first time during the pregnancy. I had a pretty big scare but the babies are just fine and I am okay too. I was just dehydrated and pulled a round ligament muscle.. or something like that. It's pretty normal apparently and can happen any time. Along with the spotting I had in the morning. I had to be hooked up to the fetal heart rate monitors and blah blah blah but it was all precautionary to make sure the babies are okay! I had to take the day off of work but I can go make tomorrow if I have no more symptoms :)

So, thank you all for the concern and NOW I have to take it easy for sure and just let my babies grow! :)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hello, Third Trimester (28 weeks)

Hey everyone! I had a doctors appt today and it was stupid. I thought I would find out so much today! Like; when the babies would come, when I would be off work, if I was going to have a C-Section, etc... BUT all I got was a stupid resident who told me she couldn't find the babies heartbeats on the ultrasound! I knew she was wrong because I can feel the babies move all the time. So, she went and got the attending and he was able to show her how to find them. She wasn't very experienced with multiple births. I told her about all of the symptoms I was having like: leg cramps and swelling, over heating to the point of nasuea, extreme exhaustion, feet swelling, etc.. and she said it was all normal. I don't know if I want to see her again. I made the decision that I will probably work for the rest of April then take May, June, and July off. It's best for me and the babies. So.. anyways, Leon and I went to Babies R Us and had some gift cards and returns and spent $280! We had a blast- Leon had more fun that I thought! Today I went to Target and spent about $170 of the gift cards I had for there. I still have about $100 in gift cards for there. We have everything we need though for now so I will save them for when the babies are here. So, for Easter we went to my aunts house and had a grown up Easter Egg hunt so there are two pics and one more from my Babies Shower. That is all for now. I will update again soon. TTYL!

Monday, March 29, 2010

26 and a half. Babies Shower.

Hey everyone!! First, last week I had an ultrasound when I turned 26 weeks. The babies are doing great!! They both weighed 1 lbs 12 oz. I am sure the next time I go to the docs they will be way over 2 lbs! Amazing. I also had my cervix checked and it's still 4 cm. They did tell me that at 32 weeks they will stop checking my cervix because if I go into labor they won't stop it. I think 32 weeks is too early but apparently it's not! Twins are ready to come they will just be a little smaller. I am just hoping and praying that I can get them to 37 weeks at least. That will be June 11th. My grandpa and aunts birthday- it's perfect. Okay, so now onto the babies shower that was yesterday. We've had a busy weekend trying to get it all settled. I can not express how thankful and greatful I am for the friends and family we have. The turn out was AMAZING. We had about 90 people total. It took about 2 hours to open all of the gifts. We got so many nice things!! The diaper raffle was a success because we got like 40-50 packs of diapers all different shapes & sizes. So, if you came to the boys shower and/or sent something to them THANK YOU all. I am so happy that my boys are already so loved and adored... Oh, and I will be holding all of you who said "I babysit" to your word!!!!
Me and Leon after the shower... exhausted!
Me, Leon & Linda (My mother in law)

Me with my parents! Love them!

My girls.

All of our gifts after the shower!

Friday, March 19, 2010

25 weeks

Today is 25 weeks! I have no ultrasound pics because I don't have another one til Thursday... but I feel the babies move so much now! I love it. Sometimes at night when they are tossing and turning I just hold my belly and SMILE! I love the feeling. I know at some point it will prolly hurt when they get bigger but I don't care. I will say though that it is getting SO hard to do normal every day things. I don't have the energy to do much and my body is just getting so achy. Some people don't understand how hard it is to carry babies but I don't care. I just go about my day. :)
Work is harder and harder too. I am hoping to work through the rest of April but we will see what the doctor says. On another note... we have already received SO many awesome gifts from people. The other day we came home from work and on our porch was a HUGE box. My best friend Caitlin and her family went in together and bought us a double stroller. :) Our family friends Jeff & Lisa drove from Chicago to bring us a BEAUTIFUL crib! My mother in law bought us two car seats. My sister in law and her husband bought us 2 swings and 2 bouncers. My friend Candice just bought us another crib! My aunt Debbie has sent the boys a ton of clothes. My cousin Kim sent a bottle rack and First Aid kit. My cousin Heather sent swings, a bouncer, and is giving my mom and dad a car seat. Wow. I know that I didn't have to write down everything that we've gotten so far but I like to give credit where credit is due. Plus I like to say how blessed we are to have such great family and friends around us. Our boys are already so loved! The shower is in 9 days. I can't wait. It's going to be fun!
Tomorrow Leon and I are going on a date. We need a night out together. He has been working so much to make sure we are ready for the babies and because I don't get paid when I am off work. He's such a good husband and daddy. I love him.



Thursday, March 11, 2010

24 weeks

Hey all! I just got back from my clinic appointment. Everything was perfect with the babies! They are doing great- moving around a lot- fighting as the doctor would say :) She said they were showing off for their mama. I love the sound of that! She asked if I could tell which baby was which and I wasn't sure at first but when I saw them on the screen I knew for sure I knew. The other day Leon felt one of the babies for the first time! He was very happy. He wants to feel them again but whenever I say the babies are moving and he puts his hand on my tummy- they stop. My little stubborn boys. :)

My iron is low which is totally normal in pregnancy but now I have to start taking iron pills. Maybe I will get some energy back! It's getting harder and harder to sleep, move, walk, everything pretty much. And I KNOW it's going to just get harder.. but I can still complain if I want. :)

Sorry this is a short blog today with no pictures but I need a nap while it's just me here... no interruptions! I'll update again soon. :)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

22 weeks!

Hello!! I just got home from my doctors appts. The boys are doing GREAT! We are so blessed! Baby A (Leon) is 1 lb 2 oz and Baby B (Logan) is 1 lb 1 oz. Their heart rates are still strong and their anatomy is great! We even got a 3D pic of each of the boys because they are starting to "fill out" as the doctor would say. As far as the pregnancy goes... I passed my first sugar test today! :) The other day I started to notice that my feet and ankles were starting to swell and my legs hurt. I was just told to not walk or stand a lot and elevate my feet as soon as I get home from work. The doctors are afraid though that I might have the beginning stages of Preeclampsia which is totally controllable. I am just so happy that everything is going so smootly right now. My baby shower is in a couple more weeks. (Mar 28) I opted to have it early just because as the babies grow- I grow- and it gets harder to do things that I need to do. Plus, with the swelling it's better to have it early. Anyways, below are a few pics. I don't have a scanner so I had to take a picture of the ultrasound picture with my digital camera. TTYL.

Me and Leon on Valentines
Logan Ray Nitz

Leon Keith Nitz III

Thursday, February 4, 2010

19 weeks!

Well, IT'S TWO BOYS! We are so excited and proud to say that we are having two little guys. The doctor is 99.9% sure of it. She said she saw the male parts a ton of times. How cute. The past week has been no walk in the park though, that's for sure! On Sunday night I started getting cramps in my tummy so I called the doctor and they said to just relax and call on Monday morning if I wasn't feeling better. So, on Monday I called and the doctor said I might be dehydrated and that I did to much strenuous stuff over the weekend, so drink water and stay in bed. (No work.) Tuesday it wasn't any better so I went in. The doctor checked and said that I was having basically growing pains. He checked and saw the babies heart beats were strong and my cervix was fine. So I was told to just take it easy! Today everything looked fine. :)
We decided to surprise my dad today at work with IT'S A BOY balloons. He was so happy! The pic is below of the balloons. We have also registered at Babies R Us so far and we are going to Wal Mart as well. The theme for their nursery is jungle/safari animals. :) Thanks for all the positive comments and thoughts!!! I'll come back soon! :)

Baby B It's a boy!
Baby A It's a boy!

Balloons we gave my daddy!

Friday, January 22, 2010

17 weeks.

Hey everyone (who actually reads)! :)

I don't have much to update on really. I went yesterday and had my Echo and EKG and they said everything looked good- they still had to send it to the cardiologist to read but as far as they can tell- it's good! That makes me happy. As far as the babies go.. they are definietly growing!! Today I am 17 weeks. My pants no longer fit loosely or at all really. I am going to try some used clothing stores for some bigger pants because I really can't see spending $30-$40 on a pair of pants that will only fit for a while longer anyway.

That's really about it for now. I go on Feb 4th for an ultrasound to see what they are (HOPEFULLY) and to get their measurements. It's going to be a two hour scan so I'm sure the babies will cooperate for a minute. :)

Here's some new same suggestions: what do you think?




Thursday, January 7, 2010

15 weeks.

Hello! The pics below are the babies at 13 weeks. I'm 15 weeks now. I have had a couple doctors appointments but with no internet at my house it's hard to update all the time. But so far every appointment has gone peachy. I had an ultrasound today at the clinic but their machines are not very high tech so they weren't able to give me pictures. The doctor just wanted to make sure that their heartbeats were good and they were moving. And they were!! I go back on the 4th for a two hour scan to get all their measurements and FIND OUT WHAT THEY ARE! I can't wait. I hope they aren't being shy. I think it's a boy and a girl. Just a feeling. I could be wrong though. As far as pregnancy goes... I have nasuea all the time. :( The doctor gave me a pill today thats called Unisom. It's a sleep aid but apparently it helps with nasuea. I also got some vitamin B6 pills. Now every pregnant woman knows how yucky that orange drink is that they give you to test for gestational diabetes... so I asked if there was another way to test because I can't even brush my teeth or feed my cat without gagging. And you know what? There is! She said that an hour before the test I would just have to eat 20 Brachs jelly beans- just not the black ones. How awesome. I don't really care for jelly beans but I would rather eat those then drink that nasty stuff! Well, I am gonna get off of here. Leon and I have eye doctor appts. Next Friday is my 25th birthday. I'm off of work for a few days so I'll update again then. :)
Both of the babies at 13 weeks
Baby B with foot in mouth :)

Baby A sticking out tounge