Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tomorrow is 12 Weeks!

Tomorrow is 12 weeks, I can't believe it! Since the last time I updated I switched doctors. I wanted to go to a hospital that I felt safer at... so I am now going to U of M and the babies will be at Mott Childrens if heaven forbid they need a NICU. I go a high risk doctor because twins can bring up tons of complications! The new doctors are all so nice and they make sure everything is going smoothly- all the time! I have a couple appointments coming up for a bunch of tests. I have to go on Christmas Eve for a EKG and Echocardiogram. The reason being that because IF I am a carrier for Muscular Dystrophy- I could also have a cardiac myopthothy or something. Leon and I have decided to not get tested for the MD though. We thought long and hard about it, talked to our parents, family, friends, & doctors, and it's just not something we want. We will deal with whatever God gives us. We are so blessed anyway! I did talk to the counselor and she said there is even a possibility that my mom wasn't a carrier given her family history and that my brother just developed it when he was a child. So, that's the hope we are going on. :)
I have to go for a dating scan on the 29th-the doctor couldn't get an accurate measurement on the little ones because they were moving too much! Baby B was even break dancing in my belly. It was hilarious! The doc was shocked to see so much movement at just 10 weeks. Of course, my mom started crying. But what she did measure of them they were the same exact in size. :)
I also have to go for all of my blood work. Then on the 7th I have another appointment with the high risk doctor. So, that's of appointments in my next couple of months! Oh well, as long as the babies stay healthy. :)
Below are the pics from the ultrasound. I'll update again soon.
Baby B- the baby that was dancing!
Baby A- you can their arms and legs.

Both of them!