Thursday, April 28, 2011


I love to blog. Obviously. Or I wouldn't do it. I honestly don't know how many people read come here and look. Maybe to see pics or maybe to read. I started to realize that maybe I wasn't writing in here for other people but for me. Sometimes it's a way for me to come and write things down so I don't forget! I don't want to forget anything. I really wish I would come here more.

I mean I do come here every day to read others blogs. Most of them I don't know personally. I feel like I do though! Sad right? Leon saw me reading a blog the other day and thought I was silly for reading about someones life I didn't know.

To me though? I like it. I like to read about other people and their journey's. And their babies. Sometimes it makes me feel that I (as a mommy & wife) am not alone. Not that I ever thought I was. There are other people out there like me.


I write because I want to. Not because I expect a ton of people to follow me (not that I would mind!) or because I NEED people to read my story. I just want to. For me.

That is all.


Monday, April 25, 2011

Babies First Easter

The babies first Easter was awesome! I love when they have their "firsts" and this was no exception. Here is a picture of their baskets.
Inside I put some Gerber Puffs, sandals, socks, 2 sippys each, a Mickey bowl, Yo Gabba Gabba DVD & Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVD. Oh & a stuffed bunny rabit. They were more interested in the snacks more then anything. My parents got them their Easter outfits & and riding fire truck toy. Aunt Debbie (they call her Mee-Moo) got them each a basket with toys & books, Denise got them a water table toy for the summer, and my mother in law gave them $$$ for their bank accounts. They made out for their first Easter. We went to Aunt Debs house and the adults had an egg hunt. We get eggs full of candy & lottery scratch offs! We always seem to miss one though. LOL. How was your Easter?

Here's a pic from Easter.

The babies first birthday is fast approaching! I am already in planning mode trying to figure out which route I want to go. Big or small. Park or my aunts house. So many decisions. I can't believe they are already going to be a year.

Well, I didn't have a lot of time tonight to update so it's a short one. I will leave you with this cute picture of Logan from Meijer. I put these cute bunny ears on him & he didn't like it. :-)


Friday, April 15, 2011


Last time I updated my dad was in the hospital. He's home now and healing great! Thanks again for all the well wishes by the way. He was in the hospital for a total of 12 days. 4 days in the intensive care unit and 8 days in a regular room. Last weekend I was in the hospital! Here's what happened:
Last Monday (over a week ago) I got a really bad cough! By Wednesday of last week I was having trouble breathing. Thursday morning I went to the urgent care. The doctor said I had bronchitis and sent me home with an inhaler, antibiotics, and a cough syrup. (Oh yeah, and two shots in my hip ass!- a steroid and antibiotic).. Thursday night I didn't sleep a wink because I was up all night coughing and couldn't breathe. Friday morning I still went to work even though I knew I shouldn't of. I was having trouble breathing all day and coughing so bad I decided to go back to the urgent care again. My pulse-ox was low (only 90-91) so the doc gave me a breathing treatment and it didn't change. Oh BTW, someone like me who has never smoked should have a pulse-ox of 98-100. So, he took an Xray and saw that I had pnemounia. Though the Xray machine wasn't the best at urgent care.. he said I needed to go to the hospital because of my breathing. Then I got two more shots! Ouch! Leon came up there from work and took me to St.Joe (yeah, where dad was). The ER docs put me on an IV, drew my blood, and did an Xray. They took me in a room to put me on oxygen and the doc came in to confirm pnemounia. (Actually, pretty bad in my left lung) By this time my pulse-ox went down to 89 before the oxygen. Then I found out I needed to be admitted. :-( Sad day for me. At about 1 in the morning I was finally given a room and got settled for the night. I ended up staying in the hospital until Sunday evening. I missed my boys SO much. They wanted to me stay another night but I begged to go home and be with them. I just had to promise to take it easy because my pulse ox was still only 92. I was pumped FULL of fluids and antibiotics while there. So, I stayed at my mom and dads until yesterday! My boys were so ready to get home and so was I. We needed to get back to our routine. I'm still not 100% but I am well on my way! I pray to never get pnemounia again.

As far as my boys go.. well.. they are growing!! I forgot to mention it on here but they turned 10 months on April 10th so here we go:


Hi my little 10 month old! My little one. My baby. (By two minutes). You are crawling EVERYWHERE! I can't even believe how quick you are. I take my eyes off of you for one minute and you are already across the room or in a different one altogether!! :-) You still love to say Dadadadada all day long but I did manage to get a "mom" from you the other day! You got two top teeth now. That makes 4 teeth! Well, 3 and a half I say. And trust me- you let us know when you are cutting one! lol You are growing so quick my love. I don't wanna miss a minute. I love you!


Hi my little 10 month old!! My chunky boy. You are so cute. You are still not quite crawling yet but you do scoot and roll around everywhere.. and you do get in quite a pickle sometimes! I bet you will crawling any day now. You waved "hi" the other day! And of course you say "Mama" to me! You are keeping up with your brother in the teeth category. 3 and a half :-) And chunky monkey, you LOVE to eat. You would eat all day if I would let you. Thats okay, you are a growing boy! I can't blink though cause I don't wanna miss a minute of you growing up. I love you!

My boys at Grandmas house.