Sunday, August 30, 2009


Hello guys! Sorry it's been so long since I've updated. Today is mine and Leon's one year anniversary!! I can't believe how fast this year went by. I am so greatful for him and our love. <3

So to the news I've been waiting for! There was no need to take a pregnancy test this month. I had a little visitor.. lol. We're sad but not torn to pieces because we knew the chances of the Clomid working the first month were slim. So yesterday I started taking the Clomid again. Today is day two and really no side effects yet. I had some last time so I'm happy so far, so good. It seems like everywhere I turn there are people getting pregnant, already pregnant, having babies, it's frustrating sometimes. I know our time will come, we just have to be patient. So for now, I'll be concentrating on my book and making sure it's the best I can make it. So far, it's turning out really good... I think. :)

I lost the USB cable to my camera so I haven't been able to upload any pictures. I know these blogs would probably be more interesting with some pics... maybe next time though! Anyways, I guess that's all for today. Short but sweet. Until next time.. -CL

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Friday, August 14, 2009


Hello! No, it wasn't a pregnancy test that was postive... but finally an ovulation test! After so many negative tests I actually didn't know what a positive one would look like! I literally woke Leon up and said, 'is that postive?' it was quite funny actually. Two days in a row I got a positive result! So now I just have to wait until I can take a pregnancy test to see if the first round of Clomid was a success! If not, we will try again. At least we know that it worked! Leon and I have a little joke with eachother.. when we wake up in the morning he asks, 'is it baby making day'? lol. I think he likes the idea of being on a schedule.. who knows. We do know that we will be able to take a test in about 2 weeks... though we are going to wait until the 30th for our one year anniversary! I'm gonna try anyways. :)
On another note... I am currently writing a book. Its not a true story, or a self help book or anything but a romance novel. I love writing... hence the blog...and every single time I've tried to write a book I've given up. So this time I decided to let everyone know in case I decide to give up. Who knows maybe I will become a great author who actually gets published! I do know that once I get it done, I will print copies for my family and friends to read! Well, buy... :)
I'm still on my cell internet so I can't upload the pics from my grandparents visit. And I can't find my USB cable anyway.
That's all for now I guess... ill update more later. -CL

Thursday, August 6, 2009

dum dum dum dum...

Hello! Okay, so today I went to the doctor to see if the Clomid worked. I had to have an ultrasound to bascially see if the follicles on my ovaries were at the right size to ovulate. Sex Ed anyone? A follicle has to be at least 18 millimeters in order to ovulate. On my left ovary the follicles were still 1-2 mm.. So when I heard that I was like dang.. I thought it would be the same on the right. My right ovary had follicles that were at 14, 15, 16, and 17 millimeters!! Since I still have a few days to go.. the doc said there still might be a chance that I can reach the last mm and ovulate! We were so excited to hear this! Of course we know that we still have a chance that I won't ovulate this month but at least we know it's working! She gave me 3 refills on the Clomid and I just have to fill them and take them when needed. Within 3 months we should be pregnant! I will take Home Ovulation Predictors and go from there. The most exciting part for Leon was when she prescribed sex. lol. He thought that was funny! :) So please keep us in your prayers and I will continue to keep you all updated. As for other news: Yesterday we had to go to an allergist for Leon. His asthma has been really bad lately and his primary care doctor thought it might be because of allergies. Well, so far they don't think it is. The ashtma is a lot worse then we originally thought but.. and get this... it's from acid reflux or whatever its called. I had no idea that could trigger asthma. But apparently it can, and thats why his has been so bad! My poor boy. We have him new medicine for him so hopefully that will work. I will also keep you updated on that. Today my grandparents and aunt are going to be here from Texas so I am excited to see them. I am actually at my parents house now waiting for them to get here. I will be able to put recent pics up this weekend from their stay. Thats about it for now you guys. Take care, and enjoy some pics in honor of our one year wedding anniversary this month! :)


IN Cancun
1st pic by the ocean

Our first dance as husband and wife