Sunday, July 31, 2011

Happy Sunday!

I was gonna make a long post about random blah blah's but I will save it for another day. I have a pretty cool post coming up about what my boys & I do during the day. A pic play by play! :-) Should be fun. Anyways, I just wanted to post about our weekend.

Saturday was fun. After work the boys & I went to my aunts house to go swimming. L & L LOVE LOVE LOVE the bath swimming pool. See...

So, after we got home the hubs and I decided to watch Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows Pt 1. I immediately wanted to watch Pt. 2. I thought we could do that today... we didn't. We went to my mother in laws house because she just moved and we didn't see it yet. We spent some time there... the hubs & I took my brother in law & we went downtown to MGM to play for a while at the casino while my mother in law watched the boys. They don't get to see her to often so I'm sure they appreciated the time with her.

So, that was our weekend. How was yours?!


Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday Frustrations

Oui vey. I am starting something new on my blog today. FRIDAY FRUSTRATIONS. I know, I know. You are probably going to say "It's Friday! Be happy! The weekend is here!" Well, truth is... I will be so stressed all weekend if I don't just freaking scream or get all of these frustrations off my chest. So here I go.

* I realized tonight how freaking hard it is to give the boys a bath lately. See, we only have a shower here. (Who does that?!) So, I have to give them their baths in the sink. Granted it's a big sink and they fit fine but... it's just not easy anymore. We need to move. Pronto.

* Moving? Yeah, that's been on my mind A LOT! We have been looking around lately at houses. Theres one I love. We just aren't quite ready yet. Really we never thought about how MUCH money you need up front. We need to save up! Hopefully by winter we will be ready.

* I'm also frustrated because I NEED FRIENDS. Um, yeah. I have friends, sure. But I honestly can't remember the last time I hung out with any of them. Hell, even talked to them. Apparently once you have babies you can't go out anymore. A mama needs a day out once in a while!

* You know what else bugs me? BILLS! Ugh. I can't believe how freaking expensive it is to have cable & internet. How much gas is. How much our cell phone bill is! Really? I'm sure I'm not the only one that thinks that bills are outrageous. Don't get me wrong, I know I have to pay for a service. BUT, $220 for Sprint every month is a little.. much.

* I am starting to think I have to go back to work full time. I don't want to. Not because I don't want to work, but because I don't wanna be away from Leon & Logan. They still need me. I still need them. I can't see being away from them 40+ hours a week.We need the income though. I've thought of a million different things that I could try and do at home but those were all dead ends.. Any ideas?!

* I am sick of sweeping Cheerios off the floor 98475485 times a day.

* I HATE that I still have a splinter in my foot.

* Today, I left my ID, debit card & chap stick at home. That sucked.

Well, those are my frustrations for today.



Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Some random thoughts

I read my "live journal" today! OMG. I think before then it was "dead journal".. It was so weird to read that. Things were so simple back then. Now I have so much to worry about. I have to worry about getting all of my bills paid, making sure my kids have what they need, making sure I can be the best wife/mommy I can be, my job, my house.. the list goes on & on. Things were much simpler when I was 20. Don't get me wrong though... I LOVE my life. I'm just rambling.

Remember that splinter I had in my foot? Yeah, it's still there. Still hurts. I think I'm going to buy this stuff called "Draw out Salve"... wish me luck!

I took the boys to Walmart today to do a little grocery shopping. My mom met us there so it wasn't so hard to shop. Last time we went to the grocery store the boys gave me such a hard time! I vowed to never go grocery shopping again alone. Anyways, L & L were so cute because they wave to everyone they see now. I tell them they are such flirts. :-)

Speaking of Walmart.

I had the rudest cashier. She put 4 boxes of cereal in one bag and when I went to grab it she said "Oh wait, I can put more in there." Whhaattt?? You already have the bag ripping at the seams! I told her it was okay and that she didn't need to put anymore in there. She just started shaking her head at me and laughing. I lost it. I said, "UM.. is there a problem?!" After every bag I asked her if it was okay if I took it or if she needed to add more stuff. The whole time my mom kept saying, "I told you she was the rude one".. lol. Ugh. Being in customer service myself I try to keep my cool and be nice but some people...

Anyways, I have a pretty bad headahce tonight.



Monday, July 25, 2011

A movie review

So, today the hubster & I (& our neice Micayla) went to the movies and saw Friends With Benefits.
I really enjoyed it. I love Mila & Justin anyways so this was just my kind of movie! I think it was rated R for the right reasons. Definitely a lot of sex, cussing, & some mild nudity.. but it was mostly JT's booty so I didn't mind! :-) The plot was good. The references to "real life" were also pretty good! I give it a 10! I am going to buy it as soon as it comes out. :-)

Go see it!

I painted the table & chairs I referenced in my last post. It looks so cute! I forgot to take a pic and upload, so I'll do that tomorrow.

Oh, and remember that splinter I said I had on Saturday night? Well, it's still in my foot. Leon & I tried for like an hour & a half to get it out... no such luck. I hope it comes out on it's own.

I took the babies swimming on Sunday in our community pool. They loved it. I am going to put them in swim classes soon! I just need to find a buddy to help me take them.

Switched at Birth is coming on now- my new favorite show!!!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Happy Saturday

Today has been such a rainy day! I'm totally not complaining though because we have been having the heat wave from hell! I think it was 112* the other day. My air couldn't keep up with the heat, it was about 85* in my house. I didn't like it. Neither did the kiddos. We thought it might have a little something to do with the fliters on our furnace so today we went to Home Depot and got some new ones. Here's the babies while we were there.

They love going shopping. Just like their Mama. While we were there I got some spray paint because I wanted to paint a little table/chair set they got from Megan. It's the perfect size for them! See..

I plan on painting it green & blue since those were their designated colors from birth. You know, one baby (Leon) wears green most of the time & gets to be a State fan. One baby (Logan) wears blue most of the time & gets to be a U of M fan. Well, until they get their own opinion. Anyways, I will post a pic when I am actually done painting it. It should be super cute!

So, as I've said before I read a lot of blogs on here. It has kinda come a daily routine. Well, I read today that a little girl Lauren passed away after what was supposed to be her final heart surgery. You can read her story here. Please go to her page & leave the family some heartful words and say a prayer for them & Lauren. She was only 3. It happens to much on here that I get some emotionally involved with other peoples kids & families. It's so sad to read about. Breaks my heart. I will say a prayer for all those angels tonight.

Tomorrow I am hoping to get a matinee in at the movies. I really want to see "Friends with Benefits"... I hope Leon goes for it.

Our neice, Micayla, is spending the weekend with us. She is helping out with the boys so Leon & I can get some projects done around the house. We got some done today. I hope to finish tomorrow & Monday. For now though, I have a splinter in my foot that needs some attending. Leon went to get tweezers.

Wish me luck.


Friday, July 22, 2011

Bad Blogger here!

I say this all the time... but I'm such a bad blogger. I've been so caught up in reading blogs that I forget to update mine. Oopsy.

Well. Lot's of things happening over here. Leon & Logan are ONE!! Well, technially 13 months. They had a great Birthday Party. I'll post some pics.

 Grandma & Papa
 Daddy & Babies

It was a fun day. Exhausting. But fun.

Let's see.. some updates on my boys.

L & L LOVE to eat. Their favorite things right now are yogurt & fruit. All fruit. Logan loves veggies. Leon doesn't care for them to much but if I hide them in his real food, he will eat them. They are touch & go with meats. They do love Mac & Cheese though.

No bottles! When they were 12 months old, I took them away. Mean mom. They did good though. Well, actually since they were 11 months they only had one before bed so to cut that last one out wasn't to bad. They didn't even notice. They take sippys like champs.

The binky on the other hand? Not so much. I've cut it out throughout the day (except for nap & bedtime) for the most part but those boys are stubborn! :-(

Logan is up to 8 teeth-4 at the top. 3 on the bottom. 1 back molar. (This molar was a very.sleepless.night.) He's also a WALKER now! He's been taking steps for a few weeks but now he's actually walking! Everywhere! Mama is so proud of you, Logie Bear!

Leon is up to 8 teeth as well. 4 on top. 4 on bottom. Looks like he has fangs when he smiles! So cute!! :-) This lil lazy bum doesn't wanna walk. I'm not worried though. He'll walk when he has somewhere to go! Or.. when he sees Logan do it enough.

It's hard to believe I actually have two toddlers. Seems like yesterday they were born. Here's a few pics!.

 The pics above are from a park when they were on swings for the first time in June. They LOVED them!

The pics with the bowties are from 4th of July. I got those from a boutique on Facebook. They were so cute. I put these pics in a contest at Easy Canvas Prints & we were so close almost won!

Anyways, I started tweeting again. I think I like it more the Facebook because it's way less drama. Some mommies that I follow on here are also on Twitter & I enjoy reading their updates. :-)

Until next time...


P.S. I want a new blog layout. How do I get it? :-)