Monday, March 29, 2010

26 and a half. Babies Shower.

Hey everyone!! First, last week I had an ultrasound when I turned 26 weeks. The babies are doing great!! They both weighed 1 lbs 12 oz. I am sure the next time I go to the docs they will be way over 2 lbs! Amazing. I also had my cervix checked and it's still 4 cm. They did tell me that at 32 weeks they will stop checking my cervix because if I go into labor they won't stop it. I think 32 weeks is too early but apparently it's not! Twins are ready to come they will just be a little smaller. I am just hoping and praying that I can get them to 37 weeks at least. That will be June 11th. My grandpa and aunts birthday- it's perfect. Okay, so now onto the babies shower that was yesterday. We've had a busy weekend trying to get it all settled. I can not express how thankful and greatful I am for the friends and family we have. The turn out was AMAZING. We had about 90 people total. It took about 2 hours to open all of the gifts. We got so many nice things!! The diaper raffle was a success because we got like 40-50 packs of diapers all different shapes & sizes. So, if you came to the boys shower and/or sent something to them THANK YOU all. I am so happy that my boys are already so loved and adored... Oh, and I will be holding all of you who said "I babysit" to your word!!!!
Me and Leon after the shower... exhausted!
Me, Leon & Linda (My mother in law)

Me with my parents! Love them!

My girls.

All of our gifts after the shower!

Friday, March 19, 2010

25 weeks

Today is 25 weeks! I have no ultrasound pics because I don't have another one til Thursday... but I feel the babies move so much now! I love it. Sometimes at night when they are tossing and turning I just hold my belly and SMILE! I love the feeling. I know at some point it will prolly hurt when they get bigger but I don't care. I will say though that it is getting SO hard to do normal every day things. I don't have the energy to do much and my body is just getting so achy. Some people don't understand how hard it is to carry babies but I don't care. I just go about my day. :)
Work is harder and harder too. I am hoping to work through the rest of April but we will see what the doctor says. On another note... we have already received SO many awesome gifts from people. The other day we came home from work and on our porch was a HUGE box. My best friend Caitlin and her family went in together and bought us a double stroller. :) Our family friends Jeff & Lisa drove from Chicago to bring us a BEAUTIFUL crib! My mother in law bought us two car seats. My sister in law and her husband bought us 2 swings and 2 bouncers. My friend Candice just bought us another crib! My aunt Debbie has sent the boys a ton of clothes. My cousin Kim sent a bottle rack and First Aid kit. My cousin Heather sent swings, a bouncer, and is giving my mom and dad a car seat. Wow. I know that I didn't have to write down everything that we've gotten so far but I like to give credit where credit is due. Plus I like to say how blessed we are to have such great family and friends around us. Our boys are already so loved! The shower is in 9 days. I can't wait. It's going to be fun!
Tomorrow Leon and I are going on a date. We need a night out together. He has been working so much to make sure we are ready for the babies and because I don't get paid when I am off work. He's such a good husband and daddy. I love him.



Thursday, March 11, 2010

24 weeks

Hey all! I just got back from my clinic appointment. Everything was perfect with the babies! They are doing great- moving around a lot- fighting as the doctor would say :) She said they were showing off for their mama. I love the sound of that! She asked if I could tell which baby was which and I wasn't sure at first but when I saw them on the screen I knew for sure I knew. The other day Leon felt one of the babies for the first time! He was very happy. He wants to feel them again but whenever I say the babies are moving and he puts his hand on my tummy- they stop. My little stubborn boys. :)

My iron is low which is totally normal in pregnancy but now I have to start taking iron pills. Maybe I will get some energy back! It's getting harder and harder to sleep, move, walk, everything pretty much. And I KNOW it's going to just get harder.. but I can still complain if I want. :)

Sorry this is a short blog today with no pictures but I need a nap while it's just me here... no interruptions! I'll update again soon. :)