Sunday, June 6, 2010

36 weeks.

Hello. Just a quick update. I will be able to update tomorrow more when I go to the docs. Last Thursday when we went to the doctor we thought the doctor was going to want to take the babies because she couldn't find a pocket of fluid around Logan- but after a while she was able to get one around his head. I was nervous because Leon was at home and my ma and I had my car at the hospital. If there isn't enough fluid around the babies then that means the placenta could start getting tired and can cause the babies kidneys to fail. So from now on we made the decision that Leon will be going to all appts with me until next Monday when the babies will be here for sure! Well, unless they decide to take the babies tomorrow. :) I am SOO ready for them to come out... I can't sleep at all really and the heartburn is getting to be a bit ridiculous! So, until tomorrow everyone. Goodnight!

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