Thursday, February 4, 2010

19 weeks!

Well, IT'S TWO BOYS! We are so excited and proud to say that we are having two little guys. The doctor is 99.9% sure of it. She said she saw the male parts a ton of times. How cute. The past week has been no walk in the park though, that's for sure! On Sunday night I started getting cramps in my tummy so I called the doctor and they said to just relax and call on Monday morning if I wasn't feeling better. So, on Monday I called and the doctor said I might be dehydrated and that I did to much strenuous stuff over the weekend, so drink water and stay in bed. (No work.) Tuesday it wasn't any better so I went in. The doctor checked and said that I was having basically growing pains. He checked and saw the babies heart beats were strong and my cervix was fine. So I was told to just take it easy! Today everything looked fine. :)
We decided to surprise my dad today at work with IT'S A BOY balloons. He was so happy! The pic is below of the balloons. We have also registered at Babies R Us so far and we are going to Wal Mart as well. The theme for their nursery is jungle/safari animals. :) Thanks for all the positive comments and thoughts!!! I'll come back soon! :)

Baby B It's a boy!
Baby A It's a boy!

Balloons we gave my daddy!

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