Sunday, April 25, 2010

30 weeks!

Wow! 30 weeks! When we went to the doctor the other day the babies got their growth scans and they are 3 lbs 1 oz each!!! They are growing great! The doctors are impressed. I got 3D pics this time. You can't really see baby A that well because his face was squished against my uterus. lol. You can see baby B's face pretty good. I see my brother when he was a baby in him. :) I took pics of the pics with my camera so they aren't that great of quality but you get the idea lol. I think I will be working til 31 1/2 weeks- that will put my last day around May 5th. I am not ready to be off because I am not getting paid but I am ready to be off because it's sooooo hard growing babies. I'm sure you mommies know that already! The books I read said the babies should grow about a half pound a week now so if that's the case and we get to 36 weeks the babies should be 6 lbs!!! 32 weeks is my first goal with the babies that the docs gave me. When mommies of multiples go into labor at 32 weeks they usually don't stop it and the recovery time for the babies isn't that long.. they see some NICU time but not very much. So, that's pretty much how my last appt went. I am going back on May 6th for another appt. Leon got the second crib put together today and one of the swings. I told him not to put the other one together because I don't know if I want to keep them. It's not exactly what I had in mind and it doesn't look safe and sturdy. I know it prolly is but even the reviews aren't that great... Their room is pretty much done- we just have to hang the border and curtains and it's done! :)
So Jasper had surgery the other day to get neutered so their is a picture down there of Jasper and Leon sleeping after his surgery. He's doing better now but I think he either has an eye infection or an eye cold. :( He's still on antibiotics so I don't think it's an infection. I hope everyone is well and I will update again soon!!
Baby B Logan
Baby A Leon (you can see Logans head kinda)
Leon is waving to mommy!
Leon and Jasper sleeping after Jaspers surgery

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