Friday, July 31, 2009

clomid: day 3.

Hello! So I guess I didn't update yesterday... the Clomid was taking its toll yesterday. I took two naps. so anyways, today I was having really wicked hot flashes. I'm just wanting to know if it worked!! bllahh I will for sure drive myself crazy playing guessing games. as for other news, we cancelled our cable, internet, and phone to save money. we switched to dish network and its way cheaper! I hate that I have to use internet on my phone. I can't do everything I want. oh well, at least I'm saving 170 bucks a month. that's all for today I think. until next time, CL

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

clomid: day 1.

Well the time has come!! I started the Clomid today. So far I haven't really had any side effects... but I know its still early. I did have a little headache earlier but that's nothing new when you work where I do. haha. I'm looking forward to the rest of the week to finish the Clomid and start the fun stuff! :) I have an ultrasound scheduled for next week so we can see if it worked. If it didn't then we will just try next month. We aren't giving up easy! Other then that nothing is really different. Today was kinda crazy! The bank I work for, which I can't say, has a sister branch kinda down the road and it was robbed today! So that was kinda spooky. Okay well ill write again tomorrow on day 2. :) ttyl. -CL

Friday, July 24, 2009

bored on lunch.

hello! so I on my lunch right now so I thought I'd write a quick blog.. though I don't really like to unless I can add a couple pics, which I can't because I'm on my cell. oh well. so I finally stopped taking the provera! I will be starting the clomid soon!! yay!! I can't believe I had second thoughts... which I did. I thought maybe I shouldn't because of the financial situation. but then I thought about it more and decided to take it. it could take months to even get pregnant and by then we will have cut back on the things we don't need.. that's why I'm shutting off our comcast! they want to much money... money that could be used for a baby! :) so I am excited to start...i am excited for this weekend. I don't know why, we aren't doing anything.... maybe rent a few movies. anyways, leon is going back on midnights next week for a couple weeks! we like when he works nights... afternoons suck. I never see him! I think that's really about it. I gotta get back to work! ttyl. -CL

Saturday, July 18, 2009

sorry it's been a few days...

Me driving the cart
the 4 man rotation

Uncle Pete, mom, Aunt Debbie, Hook

The guys

Me and my love

Hello! I wish I could say the reason I haven't updated the blog was because I was busy, but I really wasn't. I'll be honest! I am taking a medicine right now that I take for 10 days to bring the monthly... and it makes me really cranky! And tired. And irritable. And lazy. So, that's why I haven't updated. I am still taking it but I feel a little better today. This past week has not been very eventful either. Leon, my dad and uncle all went golfing last Sunday and I got to go with.. but only to drive the cart. They wouldn't let me play for some reason. :) Driving the cart is loads of fun though! I would do it again. So this week was pretty much work, sleep, and watch TV. Leon worked a lot of extra hours this week finally! Hopefully he can start getting his over time back. Today was pretty cool... kinda. After work we (Leon, mom, dad, Hook, Aunt Deb, Uncle Waybe, Uncle Pete and his gf Robin) were all going to see the Blue Angels. We weren't going to the air show itself but my dad and Leons work is so close we just thought we would go there to see them. Of course my camera died right after the first couple pictures! I did get some good ones from my phone though. Mad props to the people driving those planes. They rock! The only thing that blew was on the way home it took us 1 1/2 hours from my dads work, which is about 5 minutes from where my dad lives. That was frustrating. So on to other news: The reason I write the blog. I still haven't started the Clomid. I was supposed to start it around today but since my cycle hasn't started I can't... and no I'm not pregnant! I never thought I would actually want my cycle to come lol. Thats all I have to update on really. Oh and I fell into the world of Harry Potter which I said I wouldn't do. Oh boy. Lata. -CL

Friday, July 10, 2009

crazy dream.

Okay so for the past two nights I have had a dream where we were pregnant! That is so exciting! The scary thing is we went to the doctors and found out both times that there were 3 babies! OMG. Could you imagine? I know that the odds of multiples are little to none but it really got me thinking!!! We have faith that God will bless us with a baby but today I thought... what would I do if God blessed us with twins? or triplets? I know that whatever happens Leon and I will get through it together. The risks are much higher but our family would be complete. I am just rambling but its exciting. I got my Clomid this week. Its exciting to know that this month we could get pregnant! I know the chances of getting knocked up the first time are slim... but its possible. I have read so many success stories that it gives me hope. Leon says I am to hopeful that I need to be ready for disappointment. Not that he doesn't believe it will work he just doesn't want me to set all of my hopes on the first time. Anyways, here's to hoping that July will be the month. -CL

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

generic vs. real?

Hello! Does anybody here that actually reads my blog think there is a difference between generic meds and the real thing? I have never had any question but now that I need to get my fertility meds prescription filled- I wonder? The real thing copay with my insurance is $130 and the generic is $20. So, I obviously wanted the generic but am wondering if it will work the same.

I know, I am paranoid but this is kind of a big deal.



Sunday, July 5, 2009

i never said i was the outdoorsy type.

Hello! So we just got back from our trip up north. We left on Friday after work, got Denise and went up there. We made really good timing too. I think we left at 3:30 and got there around 6ish. The GPS said we wouldn't arrive to 6:30, so go us! :)Anyways, the "cabin" we were supposed to stay in turned out to be a trailer thing that was WAY to small for 8 people. (Me, Leon, My mom and dad, Aunt Deb, Uncle Wayne, Hook and Denise) Granted we spent most of our time outside but still. When it came time to sleep, it was not happening! I was up at 4:00 a.m. on Saturday and 6:00 a.m. on Sunday. There were showers and restrooms right next to our site which was pretty cool but as soon as I went in there I walked right back out. They were cement, stinky, and had spiders in them. I pissed a few people off but I showered in the "cabin" and used all of the hot water! :) Okay, so on Saturday the plan was for us to canoeing. (On a six hour trip, btw) Since my cousins Heather, Damian, Gabe, Mike, Jenn, and their crews were also up there on vacay we invited them along! Which I was so happy with. Some people might know but some might not the last time I went canoeing was a disaster and I didn't really want to go this time. I decided to try to conquer my fear and try it again. In the end, I am happy I went. Here are just a few highlights:
Gabe and Ricks saved our butts a million times. (Along with the others who caught our stuff floating down the river.)
My mom and dad flipped.
Becky and Donna had to swicth parters because they kept flipping too.
Gabe and Ricks got and gave "boob shots" for beer.. and pudding shots. lol
Heather and Damian flipped.
Heather & Damian (Air Force) beat Gabe and Ricks (Marines) in their race.
And here a few lowlights of the trip:
Leon and I flipped over within the first 3 minutes.. then again when we got back in the canoe.
I have 17 million bruises on my legs.
I got sun burned.
Leon threw a can of beer to Damian, but hit Gabe in the head instead.
My tail bone still hurts.
I had to pee for 5 hours but didnt want to in the water.
There are so many more stories but I just don't feel like typing them all. All in all, it was a great weekend. I love spending time with my family. I am happy to be home though. I missed Maxi and Jasper. I'm sure they were fine with Linda (My mother in law) but I just know they are happy I am home. I look forward to sleeping in a bed tonight with "Friends" on as I fall asleep. One more thing before I leave: My dad said to me: "You are like a wig-wam and a tee-pee... to tense." I am to tense and a tee pee and wig wam is two tents. Haha. I think that is the funniest. He says that because on the river I was freaking out to much. Anyways, here a just a few pics of the trip. More on my myspace. -CL

Me and Leon on the bus

Me and Heather

Our canoeing crew 09