Thursday, January 7, 2010

15 weeks.

Hello! The pics below are the babies at 13 weeks. I'm 15 weeks now. I have had a couple doctors appointments but with no internet at my house it's hard to update all the time. But so far every appointment has gone peachy. I had an ultrasound today at the clinic but their machines are not very high tech so they weren't able to give me pictures. The doctor just wanted to make sure that their heartbeats were good and they were moving. And they were!! I go back on the 4th for a two hour scan to get all their measurements and FIND OUT WHAT THEY ARE! I can't wait. I hope they aren't being shy. I think it's a boy and a girl. Just a feeling. I could be wrong though. As far as pregnancy goes... I have nasuea all the time. :( The doctor gave me a pill today thats called Unisom. It's a sleep aid but apparently it helps with nasuea. I also got some vitamin B6 pills. Now every pregnant woman knows how yucky that orange drink is that they give you to test for gestational diabetes... so I asked if there was another way to test because I can't even brush my teeth or feed my cat without gagging. And you know what? There is! She said that an hour before the test I would just have to eat 20 Brachs jelly beans- just not the black ones. How awesome. I don't really care for jelly beans but I would rather eat those then drink that nasty stuff! Well, I am gonna get off of here. Leon and I have eye doctor appts. Next Friday is my 25th birthday. I'm off of work for a few days so I'll update again then. :)
Both of the babies at 13 weeks
Baby B with foot in mouth :)

Baby A sticking out tounge

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Heather said...

That is so cool to see them in there like that!!! And that orange stuff wasn't that bad...reminded me of orange pop, just really sweet, that's all. But I'm glad they had an alternative for you!! Keep healthy and I am so stinkin' excited for you guys and I can't wait to see those two little ones running around with the rest of ours! Lol! Love you guys!