Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What a day!

Okay so yesterday was very eventful!! We had a routine NST but nothing went as planned that day. I woke up with a "feeling" that something just wasn't right. I was making sure before we left that Leon put enough food and water out for Maxi and that we had the camera! Well, when we got to the hospital Chris (The best neonatoligist ever!) was there and she hooked the babies up to the monitors and they were actually staying on. I was measuring a few small contractions and both heartbeats were good but once again Baby B (Logan) was not being very active so his heart rate wouldn't acclerate the way they wanted. So, Chris decided to get the ultrasound out and do a bio-physical profile which is where they look for the practice breathing (which he did), look for 3 movements (like a roll or tumble) and one muscle action (opening or closing his fist or a kick). Also, they look for a pocket of fluid and his was really low again. So, he failed that too with a 6/10. Chris decided to take my blood pressure and it was 153/91 which was WAY high! She said "We might be taking babies today!" So, of course Leon, my mom and I all got really excited (but nervous) and started calling my dad and Leons mom. They decided to take my blood and a urine sample and send us to Triage to get the boys back on the monitors and see if we couldn't get Logan to react. When we got to Triage they took my BP again and it was higher then the first time. My urine sample came back with protein in it which is a sign on preeclampsia so of course they started to get worried more. My blood work came back okay though so they knew that my liver and everything were still working properly. After 2 hours on the monitors and more BP's they decided to send me home with more medicine and just come back on Thursday and see how it goes. So far today my BP was high in the morning but has went down throughout the day. Of course though I am starting to feel a few contractions here and there. I am really uncomfy and feel as big as a house! All of the docs have told me how great I've been doing because 36w4d is GREAT for twins and they will be just fine if they come.. So, I keep hoping that Thursday will be the day! It would even be better for us because Leon would only have to take two days off of work instead of 3 or 4. So, I will update again on Thursday and let everyone know what's going on!
Me in the hospital- getting the tests done

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