Tuesday, June 30, 2009

it's been a slow couple of days.

Hello! So since Friday I haven't really had much to update. (Baby wise) We haven't heard anything regarding Leons sperm analysis and we were told no news is good news. I think I mentioned last time that Leons neice was spending the weekend with us. So theres a picture down there in the new outfit we bought her playing around with Leon. On Saturday I went to a graduation party for my cousin Travis and on Sunday we all went to my Aunt Julias 80th birthday party at Stonycreek Metro Park. It was really good to see family I haven't seen in awhile. I always love seeing family! Yesterday was a pretty normal day. My DVR was 73% full so I needed to play catch up on the stuff I missed. Today I woke up because my phone was ringing and it was work. I was really debating on answering it but I did and of course they wanted me to go in. We work really hard all year to make sure that when our surprise audit comes around, we will pass. Well, today was it. We had a call off so there were only 2 people there. I said yes that I would go in and it was STRESSFUL all day. Ultimately, we passed. But from what I hear it was by a hair. I had a little something to do with it. I passed all my stuff except when they checked my drawer I had to much cash in it. Ooopsy. Anyways, that has pretty much been my last couple days. Oh, I went to Meijer today and saw the cutest baby outfit. I have baby fever. Well, I'll update maybe later this week. Maybe when I get back from up north. I'm going canoeing this weekend. Until then. -CL

Me and Leon
Self Portrait 2395757650

Deborah and Leon in the kitchen

Friday, June 26, 2009

two more tests down..

Hey guys! So, the past few days have been a little crazy. The day after the HSG test I had to go to my regular doctor for a blood test to see if I carry the gene for Cystic Fibrosis and Muscular Dystrophy. The docs say that since my brother had MD and my cousin had CF that the chances I carry these genes are higher. Then I was left with the decision to see if I actually wanted to get tested. I mean, what will I do with the information when I get it? Anyway I was talking to a DNA person in Ann Arbor Genetics and she told me how complex the test was and that I would have to get all of my brothers test results to find out exactly what kind of MD he had and blah blah blah so I came home to think about it. I felt sick to my stomach. I couldn't make this kind of desicion on my own. I talked to Leon and we came up with a solution. We have passed on getting any of these tests. If my doctor orders them when we eventually get pregnant then we will, but for right now, we are passing. We will love our children no matter what. So, that's that. Today we had 2 appts at the fertility clinic. Leon had to get everything checked and I had to do a pelvic ultrasound. The nurse said that everything on my looks fine except on my ovaries I have a lot of small cysts instead of one large one that I am supposed to have at this time of the month- which she classified as "classic polycystic ovaries". I finally got the prescription I've been waiting for! It's called Clomid. The Clomid is supposed to trick the brain into making all of the small cysts into one big one, so I can ovulate! Of course, I won't be taking it until July but at least I have it and know that it might work. Now I know that some people have already asked and have been wondering what the chances of multiples are with this drug, so I'll tell you. The chances for twins are about 10-12% and triplets 3-4%. So, we are pretty safe there. So, I will keep you all updated on the progress of that. The only other thing thats been going on over here is on Thursday I went and picked up Leons neice to spend the night. We got a little pool and sun time in yesterday before the sun- like 5 minutes. Haha. We plan on getting some when I get home from work later though! But until the next post guys here are some pics of my oh so cute animals- Maxi and Jasper. They were tired. :) -CL

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

hospital bracelets and gowns?

Hello guys! Well, today was the DREADED test. I have been anxious, scared and worried for the past couple weeks. And well, for nothing. This test I had was called an HSG test that was basically to see if my fallopian tubes were blocked. I'll explain the procedure in a minute. But first the events leading up.... lol. So today I made arrangements to go into work at 8:30 instead of my regular hours and get out at 1:00. Of course all morning I was anxious and felt like I had butterflies in my stomach because I didn't know what to expect. It didn't matter how many message boards, blogs, or even personal accounts I read or heard I was scared. All I could think about was how bad it was going to feel. I was told once to compare it to the endometrial biopsy, (I was tested for uterine cancer a couple months ago) And that sucker HURT! Plus it doesnt sound so appealing to know that you are going to the doctor to have a catheter put into your uterus and have iodine shot into the tube and watch it go through your fallopian tubes on an x-ray. Right? Well, thats what an HSG test it. So, after work, I came home to shower, Me and Leon went to pick up my mom (She just had to go) and went to St. Joes. Thats another scary thing, I had to go to the hospital. Not just a doctors office. Okay so the nurse came to get me and made me put on a bracelet and stuck me in a changing room. I put on my gown and sat there for like 15 minutes. I read a People magazine and listened to the clock tick. Finally they came to get me. Leon met me in the HUGE room. I mean seriously. This room was huge and there were machines everywhere. That didn't make me feel any better. I got on the table and Dr. Shammel did his thing. So heres the big news: It didn't hurt. I barely felt it. I was so relieved and happy when he was done that I had to ask. "Seriously? You're done?" And heres the best news: MY TUBES ARE CLEAR! :)
One test down, 2 more to go. Well, this week anyway. Until then. -CL

Sunday, June 21, 2009

it's fathers day.

Happy Fathers Day to all of the Fathers and Fathers to be. Leon not being one of them! It's okay, I'm not bitter. Yet. Though we have hope that by the next Fathers Day, Leon will be a father or father to be. So for now, today is about my dad and all the wonderful fathers I know. Leon's father isn't with us anymore but we sure did think about him today and all the nice memories we have of him. We went over my dads today and had a BBQ over there with him and my uncle Dennis who came over. Thats pretty much all we did today. Well, after that we went to the pool in our complex for a quick dip. The water was cold and it was toooo crowded.
I love my dad. From the moment I can remember I have loved him unconditionally. He's really a great person. I can't say how much I appreciate him. I don't take him for granted. That would be one piece of advice I will always carry around with me. Never take your parents for granted. My dad (And mom while I'm here) have always been there for me. Always. I hope to re-pay them some day. Though they say "Bring on the baby". They are going to start making a nursery sooner rather then later I can imagine. Quick convo my dad and I had the other day which was pretty funny.
Me: "Daddy, do you want a grandson or granddaughter?"
Dad: "I want both."
Me: "We can't afford twins."
Dad: "Oh yes we can."
He's going to be a great Papa. Soo... back to Leon. For right now, Leon has Jasper and Maxi. He loves them a lot... even though he doesn't like to admit it. He takes care of them, feeds, waters, and even cleans Jaspers litter box. Because I don't like to. :)
Ok, well, I'm gonna go now. I'll update on Tuesday after my HSG test. Here are some pics. -CL

Leon with Maxi
And Jasper

Me with my daddy

Friday, June 19, 2009

putt putt golf pics.

Colin taking a breather.
Me w/ Colin

Isn't he cute?

All of the guys at the last hole.

Leon with the evil car seat.

working hard for the money.

Hey all. So this past week has been just AMAZING! Leon has been working days so we have actually lived a normal life! He normally works afternoons or midnights- which we don't complain about because he has a job and that's all that matters! But having him home with me every night this past week was fabulous. We were able to eat dinner together... which he grilled because I don't know how to work it! We watched our shows together and didn't argue to much about the other shows we were gonna watch! lol. I totally got him watching 'Im a celebrity get me out of here!'. On Tuesday we took Colin putt putt golfing with my dad and Ray. That was a lot of fun. It was so funny we were trying to put Colins car seat in the car. 'get the practice' everyone said... so we tried. We failed. I ended up having to call Heather and get the low down on how to do it! My mom asked how we were going to put our babys car seat in and Leon said 'our babys will have instructions'... lol. Let's see.. that's pretty much all we did this week though. Spending time with eachother is good enough for us. I wil post some pics from putt putt later. I am blogging this from my cell. So, until later.... - CL

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

starting our blog.

Ok so I decided to start this blog so I can tell friends and family what's been going on with us and the road ahead. I will try my best to keep it updated at least a couple times a week, sometimes with pics. The main reason for starting this blog is to document our journey. We are still in our first year of marriage and are trying to start a family. Unfortunately, I have something called Polycystic Ovaries Syndrome- or PCOS. In a nutshell, I don't ovulate. If I don't ovulate, I can't get pregnant. After months of keeping this to ourselves, we finally decided to tell our friends and family. My doctor was tracking things and putting me on different meds, but we still didn't have any luck. So after a pretty crazy long waiting list we got in to see a infertility specialist. He went over our options with us. So, here we are. Next week I go for a pretty... how should I say it... I'm not looking forward to it test and an ultra sound. And Leon goes for a test. I will defintely update later after the test. So, that's all for now. -CL