Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Recap

Hello! I'm back :-)

This year for Christmas was the first year "our family" (meaning me, hubby, kids) have actually started our own traditions. See every year since I was born I have spent Christmas Eve night with my parents. I would wake everyone up at the butt crack of dawn and make sure everyone got their stockings. Then we would open presents. Even when I was married. Even when L & L were born.

But this year? Was different. We needed to start playing Santa. So that is what we did. On Christmas Eve we went to Leons sisters house and spent time with his family. The boys got spoiled.

After that we came home. My cousin/BFF Karissa over with her man and little princess Ava. We exchanged gifts and let the little ones play. Hubby brought home pizza and we just hung out.

After they left, Leon read the boys "Twas the night before Christmas" which is a tradition that Leon started last year. We tucked them into bed and then played Santa.

Christmas morning Leon woke up pretty early. We let him look at the presents & wake up Logan. When both boys were up, we started opening presents. I think I anticipated them being more excited and happy to open their presents. They were more interested in daddys stocking stuffers and their favorite toys they play with every day. Maybe next year :)

After presents and showers we headed over to my moms house where we got spoiled some more. The day was kinda chill. Well except that Logan was crazy. He does not like being around a lot of people. He was Mr.Cranky Pants.

All in all we had a great Christmas. We love making new memories. And holding on to these memories for a lifetime.