Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Tuesday ya’ll! Oh, and Happy November!

I usually have so many things that I want to write about while I doing stuff through the day then when I sit down and open Blogger, I can NEVER remember.


I am going to TRY (I reallllly am) to blog every single day in November. Since Thanksgiving is in November and it is afterall a day for giving thanks, I am going to write about something I am thankful for. Of course, I will have other topics thrown in because for some reason I can never stay on topic.

So, today? I am Thankful (yes, I capitalized it) (yes, I know it shouldn’t be) for my two healthy baby boys. Since becoming apart of the blogging world, I have read many (MANY!) stories. I follow peoples lives. (A little weird, yes?) There are many moms out there just like me. There are some moms out there that blog because it helps them to cope. Some moms whos babies/children have gotten their angel wings much to soon. You get drawn in. Your heart feels heavy. You wish there was something you could for them. And that, folks? Is why I am thankful for Leon & Logan and their health.

When I open my Internet in the morning I sign on to Facebook. (Who doesn’t?) Then? Blogger. I have a long list of blogs I read. Some of them are just moms like me who like to document their children and growing up, some are telling their journeys through trying to conceive and being pregnant, some (like I said earlier) just wanna write about their feelings for losing their child, and some are just artsy blogs. They are all good. 


Halloween. Everyone knows (no? well…) I hate Halloween. It’s a sour topic for me. I wasn’t going to even take the boys out, I wasn’t gonna buy them a costume… My cousin (their Godmother) decided to buy them costumes. I am so happy she did. They rocked those costumes for 3 days straight. Leon was a Blue Crayon and Logan was a Red Crayon. They were so cute. My decision to take them out was solely based on the fact that they would love being outside, love seeing the other kids, love being in the wagon & it would get me out of the house too. Oh, and free candy! (Duh)

Anyways, my cousin brought her little girl over who is 6 months older then L & L. We loaded them up in the wagon and started walking around. Before long, they were all out of the wagon begging for candy with the best of them. They picked up on the whole concept pretty quick. Leon was running for the next house. Funny thing is, I don’t ever give my kids candy. Like MAYBE they get a sucker when they are getting their hair cut. So for the life of me I can’t figure out how they know that candy is the good stuff. Anyways, before long Logan was throwing a fit. He didn’t wanna walk, he didn’t wanna be held, he didn’t wanna be in the stroller.. until I gave him a sucker that is. He was all stretched out in the wagon, feet kicked back, arm hanging over the edge, lollipop in his mouth.. yelling “GO!” everytime Jordan stopped the wagon. Towards the end, both kids were laying in the wagon all bundled in blankets. They wanted to be home, and so did I!

The night ended with a little cuddling on the couch with my 2 favorite guys. We watched some Mickey. Drank some milk. Maybe shared a little Reeses Cup.

Their second Halloween was pretty good.

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 (They did NOT want to stand still for a picture, can't you tell?!)
 (Yes, we rock red jammie pants under a blue suit- what of it!?)
 (Leon eating a tootsie pop)
 (All 3 babies)
(A little closer)
What are you thankful for?

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