Tuesday, November 15, 2011

On the 13th day of November I was thankful for Scentsy! I held a party for my cousin. I ended up selling a lot of product and getting so much stuff for so cheap! I have a feeling Scentsy is going to change my life a little. (A little over the top?)

I decided to sign up and start my own Scentsy business. We can always use extra money around here. Two babies can get pretty expensive.

Scentsy is wickless candles! You get a warmer. And wax. And wa-lah! Your house will smell amazing. They offer so much more. I will go into more detail in another post. Also, I’ll post a link to my website when I get it up and started. I really feel like I can grow my business and be successful. Of course I will need the help of family & friends to get me started.

I hope I can count on you.

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Nancy said...

I'm guilty of not txting back right away I'm sorry lol at work I have to keep it on silent and I forget about it lol heck even at home when I remember to turn sound back on I forget but I try to reply when I notice it!!