Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Thankful Challenge

On the 14th day of November I was thankful for a nap! I love naps. While the kids were sleeping I neglected all household chores & my DVR for one. It felt lovely. That is all.

So, let’s move on.

I have seen some things that make me crazy! I have done some things that make me think I am going crazy. I wanted to touch base on a few of those things.

Okay, Leon and I were at.. (can you guess?) Walmart the other day. We were just picking up a few quick things for dinner and such when I ran into a lady I knew from work. She was pregnant when I saw her last, and when I saw her at Wally world there was a baby carrier on the cart. She says, “I had him!” So of course scurry over and wanna see the baby. I say, “Oh my GOD! He is so tiny!” Guess what she says? “Yeah, he’s only 3 days old.”

SCUSE ME?! You have a 3 day old baby out in the cold weather? FLU & COLD SEASON!? I just wanted to slap the stupid out of her.

You know what else makes me crazy? When I have to wait on hold for 80 million hours to speak to a customer service rep.

I also can’t stand when I find out may-jah news on Facebook.

It realllly bugs me when I text someone and they don’t text me back. Like, really? It’s that hard.

I was leaving Walgreens and do you know what I saw that made me crazy?! I saw a little boy (maybe 4) run across the parking lot! His dad was behind him not doing anything. He didn’t even run up to the kid when he saw my car coming. Jerk.

It’s cold out. Not freezing though. Just cold. So WHY THE HELL do runners run with short shorts and a tank top on? I know people get hot when they run. But let’s sweat a little, run in the cold and then catch pneumonia while we are at it? Huh?

Wanna know what I do that makes me think I am going crazy. The other day when I was packing hubbys lunch for work I put the box of mini tacos in the cabinet instead of the freezer and put the Tupperware in the freezer instead of his lunchbox.

I found a sippy cup in the cabinet FULL OF MILK. It was missing for 3 days. How did I miss it?

I also may have left a load of laundry in the washer for 2 days before I realized I forgot to switch them.

P.S. Sorry about the lack of pictures. I will do a whole post of pics as soon as I do an upload!

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