Monday, November 7, 2011

Thankful Challenge, Day 5

Today I am thankful for awesome co-workers! I talk to so many people that complain about the people at their jobs and gossip. Some people say their bosses are mean and what not. I can honestly say that I have great co-workers and friends. We all get along great. We do things together outside of work. We give advice to each other. I’m very lucky.


So at the beginning of October I wrote about my baby dog Maxine passing away. I miss her so much. I miss her sleeping next to me at night. I just miss everything about her. And about having a dog. I mean I don’t miss getting up in the middle of the night letting a dog outside. I’m scared of the dark. I hate being outside at night by myself. Anyways, the reason for this post.. I am thinking of getting another dog. NOT because I want to replace Maxi, but because I miss having a pet. Now some might argue that I don’t really need to get a dog.. you know.. since having two babies to take care of and all.

I don’t care really. I want a dog.

That is all.

P.S. Congratulations to my beautiful cousin Nicole on her wedding today!

EDIT: I wrote this on November 5th, just forgot to post it.
What are you thankful for?

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