Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I'm back

Well well well... I am such a bad blogger! I've finally realized how important it is to document everything because the other day I couldn't remember what day Leon got his first tooth... or when Logan rolled over for the first time! These are all things I want to remember so badly years from now. So, my (late) New Years Resolution is to keep up with this blog! I have so much to catch up on here so here I go! (Good thing the twins are napping!)

8 MONTHS HAVE PASSED! I knew time would fly by.. but really? I just can't believe it. It's so amazing to notice the different personalities my little guys have. They are learning new things every single day and it just amazes me. First I'll talk about Leon.. my first born!

Leon- below

Oh baby Chunky Monkey. Leon was the first to get a tooth. He got it the day after his first Thanksgiving. He now has two teeth. (On the bottom) He has the brightest blue eyes and the chubbiest cheeks! He has brown hair and a lot of it! People say he looks like both hubby and I. He is about 17lbs and 24 inches long! Leon LOVES eating mum mums and gerber puffs! He loves apple juice but only if it's cold. The only food that I've noticed he doesn't like to eat is peaches. Leon has been sleeping through the night since he was 3 months old! He loved being swaddled until he was about 4 or 5 months then he didn't care to be. He sleeps in a sack now. Leon loves sleeping on his sides. He does find ways to get all around his crib though! Leon loves his binky. And his monkey blankey. For some reason Leon always crys when certain guys talk to him. And if you're wearing a hat, forget about it. He sits up on his own and if he sees a toy out of reach he will try his hardest to get it. He isn't quite crawling yet... but he will be there soon. He loves watching Diego and Mickey Mouse. Leon loves to sing and smile. He is such a happy baby and I thank God for him. I love you, Chunky Monkey!

Logan- below
Logie Bear! Logan is still so spunky! He has been since he was in my tummy. Logan has two teeth as well. Logan rolled over first. Logan is 18lbs about 24 1/2 inches long. He unfortunately has pretty severe eczema. He has been to a ton of doctors and right now we think we have it under control. He does get flare ups here and there but for the most part its okay. Logie also has blue eyes but he has blonde hair- I think it's going to be curly. Logan also looks like a mix of me and hubby as well. He is almost crawling! He's so close.. I give him a week. Logan loves to eat as well. I haven't found any foods he doesn't like. Logan doesn't really like juice though. He loves to drink water from a water bottle! Maybe I'll skip straight to that from his bottle.! LOL. Logan also loves to play with toys and make lots of noise. For the most part Logan sleeps through the night too. Since 3 months. He refuses to sleep without his swaddle, his bear, and his binky. Logan loves Maxine. He loves all animals actually. And lights. And TV. Thank you God for my Logie! I love you, baby boy!

First big Football Game! Michigan VS. State

Our family loves football and rivialry! This was a fun day.

1st Thanksgiving

Logan on the left and Leon on the right. Their first bite of sweet potatoes!

1st Christmas
Logan is the elf and Leon is the Santa. They had such a good first Christmas!
We look forward to Spring! I can't wait to get the babies outside in their stroller and take them for walks. We are going to install their big boy car seats as soon as the weather breaks. I can't believe how big they are. They are both starting to notice certain people. They love Grandma and Papa.!
As for me and Leon. We are still the same! I work only 3 days a week so I can be home with the babies the rest of the days. Leon works 6 nights a week. He doesn't see the babies as much as would like too... another reason I should really keep up with this blog!
I think that's it for now! See ya tomorrow!

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