Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What would you do?

Okay, so I posted on my Facebook today that I had one of those "Oh my God I think I might be on Candid Camera!" Or Punked. Or What would you do? I swear! So, I went to Walmart today on my lunch break and as I am walking out I see a lady in her scooter thingy running into everything. (We are in the corrider) As I walk a little further I can see the front of her and I figured out why she was running into crap! She is pushing one of these carts in front of her wheel chair:

BUT in between that cart and her wheel chair is a TRASH CAN. FULL of crap. On her lap is a little dog. On her lap is also Subway. In one hand is the controller for chair and the other hand is pushing the cart. On her shoulder is her cell phone! (Please picture this in your head) So, after looking around I decide to help this lady. Before she gets out of the door I say,
"Can I help you?" Obviously because I can see she needs it! Instead of telling me yes she needs help she shakes her head yes. So, being the nice person I am I go to get her cart for her. But not before she runs into the door again. I'm thinking OMG this isn't happening. Why doesn't this lady get off the phone. Before I can even grab the freaking cart it all starts tumbling down. The cart flips over, the trash can falls off, the dog falls off (and is stuck under the trash can), Subway is everywhere, and this lady is still on her phone!!! My first instinct is too help the poor doggy. He doesn't want anything to do with me though. So, instead I think okay, I'll pick up the cart. UM YEAH not happening. That thing was so freaking heavy I can't lift it. The cart boy sees that I am struggling so he comes over to help as well. (Meanwhile, the lady is still on the phone) We finally get the cart picked up and go to work on the Trash can next. It's heavier then the cart. I asked if she was shopping for freaking rocks.! I finally told her she should prolly get off the phone and get her dog because the little guy still won't let me pick him up. She does and gets the dog. I got her Subway for her and handed everything back. She BUNGEE cord straped her trash can to her waist LOL and starts thanking me for helping her. She asked me to push her cart to the bus that was waiting for her. The bus driver finally comes over and yells at me because I left my purse on the ground as I was helping her friend! At that point I had enough and was seriously thinking that I was being Punked. Haha. What would you do in that situation??

Anyways, I forgot to post on the babies 9 month birthday. So Happy 9 Months my little guys! I'll update tomorrow with your stats after the doctor appointments. :)

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Amberleigh said...

Oh.Em.Gee. O_o I can't even begin to imagine what made this woman go out into the world with this crazy assortment of stuff! I mean, okay... I see the rolling bag thingy, but that's hard enough to maneuver on it's own from a wheelchair... so adding a trashcan and a dog to the equation? While on the phone and a lap full of Subway?!?!? I just can't get over how ridiculous it all is! Kudos to you for helping. I wouldn't have been able to keep from laughing at it all. Just wow.

As always, love seeing pictures of those happy, beautiful boys of yours! Thanks for sharing and telling that hilarious story. LOL! I'll have to tell my mom about that one in the morning.

holly_m said...
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holly_m said...

My dear lord... that is quite a story! You were very nice by helping her. I'd probably do the same if she wasn't rude and on her cell phone the entire time! Better yet, how does a lady with a trash can bungeed to her waist even have a cell phone?! ;)