Saturday, March 5, 2011

Baby Proofing

It's that time... to start baby proofing. Actually, to be quite honest I should've already done it. BUT since I didn't, the time is NOW! The twins are SOOO close to crawling! I keep saying "I give them a week" but really it's all up to them and when they want to crawl. We have to put the outlet stoppers in all of the outlets. Put the latches in all of cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom. I was going to do that the other day then realized it needed tools so I said forget it lol. Our major project is our TV. We have a flat screen in our living room that sits on a stand that is easy accesible when learning to walk. So, Leon is going to move a ton of things around so he can put the TV up high. We don't want the babies to be able to pull the TV down and hurt themselves. Our living room is going to look so different soon! The babies are almost to the point where they don't use the swings anymore so once those are gone and the TV stand is outta the way- it's going to look so bare! I can't believe how big my babies are getting!

I forgot to post in here what their first words were.
Leon- Baba
Logan- Dada
Yeah, it's a little bitter sweet that neither of them said "mama" first. I can handle that though. I know they love me :)

Today I went to Michaels and got a started kit to start making my own jewelery. I don't have the time really, but I wanted something that I could do as a hobby. I don't really have any. I figure if I am good at it I can make jewelery and either give it away or sell it! A mama always needs to make a litle extra cash! :)

Logan sitting in the high chair at Red Robin

Leon sitting in the high chair at Red Robin

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