Monday, March 21, 2011

Trying new foods

Over the past couple of days I have been trying the babies on new foods. Since they have been 5 months old I've pretty much just fed them regular fruits and veggies. They get Mum Mums and Gerber Puffs. But as far as grown up food, not really. I have to be very cautious of what foods I give Logan because of his eczema. So, over the past couple of days I have tried pancakes. Leon loved them. Logan did not! He didn't like the taste or the texture. (Like me) I've tried a scrambled egg- again Leon liked it Logan did not. Texture thing! And last (for the grown up food) I tried plain yogurt.. LOL they both gagged and hated it. So, it looks like I might have me some picky eaters after all. They also didn't like a new baby food I tried. Creamy wheat with peaches. (they gagged again)

I have also started them on Stage 3 foods. :)

My boys are growing up. 

Leon showing off his pearly whites

Logan crawling backwards

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