Thursday, March 3, 2011


Questions I get all the time:

"Are they sleeping through the night?"

"Do they eat at the same time?"

"Do they wake up at the same time?"

Yadda.. yadda.. yadda..

And the answer to these questions is YES! To all of them. How you ask? Because sticking to a strict schedule is so very important. That's my one piece of advice to any new mommys or mommys to be! As soon as the twins came home from the hospital I made sure to make a schedule and stick to it.. as much as possible. It makes everyones life easier.! I even find that I schedule our day sometimes around "2 o clock nap"..

Heres a little example.

7:00-7:30 AM- Both babies wake up.

7:45-8:00 AM- Eat 8 oz bottle.

8:00-9:30 AM- Play time!

9:30-10:30- Play, watch some cartoons, a little nap.

11:00 AM- Eat breakfast. Oatmeal/Rice Cereal and Fruit. Snack.

11:30 AM- Get dressed.

Play time! Some Mickey Mouse.

1:30-2:00- 8oz Bottle.

2:00-3:30 (sometimes 4)- Nap time in their cribs.

Play time! (We play a lot...)

4:45-5:00 Eat dinner. 2 veggies each. Snack. They also stay in their high chairs while mommy cooks dinner!

Play time!

7:30- Jammies, lotions...

7:45- 8oz bottle.

8:00- BED TIME!/ Mommy time.

Of course the schedule is a little tweaked here and there when we have somewhere to go or I have to work. The play time area is usually when we change things up. Eating/Naps are always at the same time.

So.. see... a schedule is so important! :)

Today the babies are at their grandmas. I had a dentist appt this morning so I came home to do some laundry! I am going to go there now and pick them up.. after nap. :)
Take care!

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