Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thankful Thursday!

As I sit here in the hospital with my dad I can't help but name my blog Thankful Thursday. Yeah, I know he isn't home yet and he probably won't be home til the middle of next week (if everything goes good!) but we do have lot to be thankful for. He was really sick. He could've almost died. If he didn't come to the hopital and start getting things taken care of he would be in trouble! I just can't wait for him to be better and go home where he belongs. I know he's getting so frustrated. Today he got a pick line in his arm to get the nutrients he needs. The doctor said the healing process was a slow and long process and it's going to be awhile before he gets back to where he needs to be. But I know God will heal him and make him good as new!
Being here for 7 DAYS has made me really hate hospitals.. I mean who doesn't anyway? I hate that the doctor comes in the room like a once a day (Even when he was in ICU). I also hate when they do come in they barely give you any news. They speak in "doctor" terms and when they leave you know less then you did when they came in.! I hate that you can't sleep here. I stayed all night with my dad last Saturday and I think we got a total of 2 hours of sleep. The whole night. I hate that when you hear Code Blue on the speaker that someone probably died or is dying.
Oh, and the cafeteria food sucks.
& I usually like cafeteria food.
Anyways, as I sit here on the fourth floor looking out the window to the muddy parking lot (remodeling) I can only say how thankful I am that my dad is healing. Slowly. But he's here and thats all this girl could ask for.

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