Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sup bloggies?

Man I said I was gonna be better at blogging this year but I've failed already. Oh well. I'm here now! My birthday weekend just passed and I had such a good time. I got to spend time with family & friends & my boys. Thats all that matters. :-)

So what have I been up to?? I started the 30 day shred by Jillian Michaels because sista is fierce. However, I fell off the bandwagon and haven't been doing it every day. I also started using My Fitness Pal on my phone (the best app ever) and have been sticking to it every single day. It basically counts your calories for you and keeps track everything you eat. It also tracks your exercise & such. Basically its your best friend. And lastly fitness wise? I joined the gym yesterday. I've been meaning to re-join the gym since the twins were born but never got around to it. BUT now is the time and I will not give up.

The twins are sooo cute & big & loveable & smart & growing & so on. They are learning new things every day it just amazes me.

Like Leon for example. He is learning new words & animals sounds like it's nobodys business. He even does stuff that makes my heart melt. When Logan is cranky and sad, he will gladly give up his binky and give it to his "bruba"..

Logan is a firecracker. He is rough with his brother. He likes to pull Leon down by the collar of his shirt and sit on him. His favorite phrases are "I did it!" and "Where'd it go?"

Both babies love love love puzzles! I'm glad they like them. And I'm also glad they are broadning their horizons when it comes to watching TV. We don't watch Mickey & Yo Gabba Gabba all damn day anymore. Unfortunately, Leon has started a new obsession with.. the wiggles. Enough said.

If you could... please take a minute to pray for Tripp who went to Heaven. And especially for his mom, Courtney. He was the bravest, strongest little boy who had a horrible disease that took his life way to early. It breaks my heart over & over again to read about the things he had to go through.

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