Monday, January 2, 2012

See ya later, 2011!

So, I was having a little trouble this year but my Top 10.. so I thought I would go a different way for my yearly recap. This year was full of ups & downs... for sure. So, here goes.

In January, I celebrated my 26th year of being alive. My family & I also participated in a Muscle Walk at Ford Field for Muscular Dystrophy. It happened to be on my brothers birthday, he would have been 31. The twins turned 7 months old. Logans eczema was out of control. Leon started saying "baba"

February is always a drag because that is the month by brother died. On the 15th it was 10 YEARS on this earth without my big brother. Needless to say, we don't celebrate Valentines Day around here. Also this month? I FINALLY paid off my student loans. Yes, that was momentous.

In March my dad was admitted to the hospital with pancreatitis. He was in there for 12 days. That was extremely rough. I started babyproofing this month because the boys started getting really mobile! I'm pretty sure Logan started crawling this month. Leon was rolling. I started planning the twins FIRST birthday!

April was a blur for me. I was sick for most of the month. I was admitted to the hospital with pneumonia. That was the first time I was away from my boys for more then one night. It sucked. The babies also celebrated their first Easter. My mom's 50th birthday was also this month. Logan started crawling.

May was another sucky month- hospital wise. Leon (baby) was admitted to Childrens Hospital for his asthma. This was the month he was actually "diagnosed" with it. It was horrible. However, Leon started crawling. Leon also started blowing kisses & waving bye ye.

June was the best month! Leon & I both took a week of vacation for the boys first birthday week. We went to the zoo. We went to the Hands on Museum. We saw lots of family (most of them met the boys for the first time).. We had the Muscular Dystrophy bowling tournament. AND! We had a kick ass first birthday party for our little guys. All of our family and friends joined us to celebrate Leon & Logans first year of life. Oh and the husband was admitted to the hospital for chest pains.

In July we took the boys swimming for the first time in a big pool. They adored it. They also played in the grass for the first time. Logan started walking! Leon started crawling. We spent a lot of time with family.

In August, we took the boys to Chuck E Cheese. I dyed my hair from blonde to dark brown! My BFF Nancy got married! My husband celebrated the big THREE-OH. And we also celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary.

September was one of my saddest months. I lost my babygirl (doggy) Maxi. She was 15 years old. We went to a concert. We stayed at Greektown Casino and stayed the night there to celebrate our anniversary. Leon & Logan started developing the "twin language"..

In October, Leon started walking! (he really started walking in September, kind)  I lost my mojo. Leon & Logan were sick again. (Asthmas issues). My dads birthday. L & L dressed as crayons for Halloween. My cousin Kenny passed away. The boys stayed in a hotel with us.

In November, Logan was admitted to the hospital for breathing issues. That damn asthma. I signed up to start selling Scentsy as a second job. I LOVE IT! My cousin Nicole got married.

December was CHRISTMAS! We had a lot of fun shopping, opening presents, spending time with family. I got promoted with Scentsy. Leon and Logan started communicating with eachother a lot more.

And that? Was my 2011 in a nutshell. I go to be a mom for ONE FULL YEAR. God, I am blessed. I am SO looking forward to 2012. I have so many goals! No resolutions. Just goals. And here are some of them!

* Making sure I have a successful Scentsy business.

* Be the BEST mother I could possibly be.

* Go to Zumba at least once a week with Kelly.

* Get healthy!

* Get financially stable. I am tired of living paycheck to paycheck.

* Move into a new house.

* Get a second car.

* Get another pet.

* Make 2012 the most enjoyable year I can with my boys.

* AND not take anything for granted.

Bring on the new year!!

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Jenn June said...

What a cute blog you have! I enjoyed reading about your year. I'm always looking for new blogs to follow and glad I found you here. Hope you're enjoying your day! :)