Wednesday, January 18, 2012

SO WHAT Wednesday!

I've been wanting to link up with Shannon over at Life after I "Dew" for months now but never got around to doing it! (go to her blog NOW and link up! She's one of my new favorite bloggers!)

So, here we go:


* I secretly was hoping there were no open appointments this morning for my husband to get an Xray on his knee so I could to the gym instead.

* I'm reading Eclipse for the millionth time.. and plan on watching the movie AGAIN when I'm done reading it.

* I saved the dishes last night til this morning so I could relax instead.

* My laundry room looks like 8 thousand laundry baskets threw up.

* I put my kids in new clean pajamas every day instead of getting them dressed.. unless we go somewhere.

* I have a 99% DVR full because I refuse to delete stuff that I say I'm gonna watch. Like the last 55 episodes of One life to live. I'm still bitter they cancelled it. I'll get over it eventually.. maybe.

* One of my newest friends live a million miles away and I've never met her face to face. I will soon.

So what are you saying SO WHAT to today? Link up!

1 comment:

Ashley said...

We live in jam jams too!