Monday, January 23, 2012

Messy Mom Monday

Soo today I am gonna link up today with Jess (One of my favorite bloggers!) for Messy Mom Monday! And I LOVE this idea. I'm not gonna lie. Sometimes at the end of a hectic day (Hello! 2 toddlers!) I feel like a failure because I would rather sit on my ass and read blogs and watch TV rather then clean up the house a little. So, when I see that other moms and I are the same, I let out a sigh of relief. Last night I even read some of these link ups to Leon so he could kinda see where I was coming from. He gets it now. Kinda? I HOPE.

So, I took some pics to show you some of my messy spots. Just keepin' it real. (Side note: this is just a little sneak peek into my mess.. )

 This is by the closet in the twins room. There riding toys, a table & chairs set, toys, books. The box there? It's just collecting toys. It was from Christmas. I know it needs to go in the trash. But? They like it. And the closet back there? God, don't get me started.
 That's twin number 1 getting ready to take the over-flowing toys from the toy box (that's in the living room!) and put them allll over the floor.
 Those sippys are empty. The puzzles pieces are about to be all over the floor.
And this is the dirty laundry from yesterday in the living room still. It's just waiting for me to take it to the laundry room. (Let's not even go there!).. (And, that brown thing? Is my dogs bed. I haven't put it away yet and she died in October.)

So, there ya have it. Go link up with Jess.. Reassure this mama she's not alone!


Tamika said...

I have that dirty laundry issue hangs out by the 'fence' waiting to go over into the laundry room - no matter how many times I go over, I forget to take it with me! LOL

Brittany Ann said...

You have twins, girlfriend. Your house looks amazing. Mine is worse and I only have one! You're a hero:)

Thanks for linking up!

Jenn said...

Hey lady! I tagged you in my post today, so if you wanna play along, head on over to my blog and check it out!!