Monday, August 8, 2011

My weekend

I was supposed to be here for Saturday Morning Scene but I forgot. :-( Boo. I'm still trying to remember to be here & post more. So, maybe next week!

Anyways, here's our weekend! :-)

On Saturday while I was at work I decided we needed to get the boys outta the house! They are home most all day/every day. Except for when they are at my moms house or my aunts house. L & L always have eachother to play with but I want them to start getting out more and playing with other babies. Do you remember Nicky & Alex from Full House? Uncle Jesse wanted them to play with other kids when they were like 3 years old and by that time they only wanted to play with eachother. Anyways, I want them to get used to playing with others! I asked some friends if they wanted to take their little guy (He's almost 2) to go to Chuck E Cheese. They couldn't go so I asked my cousin to come and bring her daughter Ava. She's 19 months old. They hung out with her last week and they got along well. :-) Well, she decided to go. Sooo after nap time we loaded up the babies and went. As soon as we got there and got the babies settled into highchairs I took this:

It is SO hard to get a pic of the 3 of them. Well Chuck E Cheese was on the stage performing and they were amazed with him. I was happy they weren't scared! Soo, our pizza came & we ate. Leon didn't care for it but Logan did. After pizza, we went to the play area. Theres a toddler section now which I was so thankful for! Here are those pics.

We kept ending up back in the toddler section but we did venture out so the kids could ride the big kid rides and watch the biggest kid of all daddy play. They had a blast and I'm so glad we took them. However, I will not be taking them back for at least another year. They aren't quite ready yet.

Sunday was fun as well. We got to sleep in (when I say sleep in I mean.. 8:00) because the babies went to bed late (almost 10!- and they are usually in bed at 8 every night). Well, hubby went golfing with my uncle & I took the babies to Walmart. I said I was never going to take them again while I was alone.. but I needed stuff. And they? Needed a nap. My lord. That was a disaster. After Walmart I just went over my parents because they were going to be returning from their trip & wanted to see the babies. We spent some time over there then came home.

Over all it was a great weekend. We need more of those!

So on to today. I went and got my hair cut (finally!). I also went and bought the new foam hair dye and.. did it myself. Jury is still out on it. I'll post a picture when I get it all done. :-)

How was your weekend?

Here are some more Chuck E Cheese pics!

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