Thursday, August 4, 2011

It's the little things

I read something on a blog a while back... (This one actually) where a mommy listed some things that piss her 1 year old off. I laughed because everything she said was exactly the same things that piss L & L off! So, today I am going to write a little post about the little things that make the boys mad and the little things that make them happy.

The boys get so mad when I
* Try to wash their face
* Or their hands
* Take their binky
* Put a shirt on
* Take a shirt off
* Put shoes on them
* Change their diaper
* Brush their teeth
* Get them out of the bath
* Put a hat on them
* Put lotion/sunscreen on them
* Put them in their carseats
* Take them out of the carseats
* Block the kitchen/bathroom off
* Take their empty sippys
* Make sure they don't play with the remotes/cell phones/computer

I'm sure this list can go on forever! And.. I must say sometimes when they get mad at these things I laugh. They get mad over the silliest things. BUT they get happy over the silliest thing. So, here is a list of things (not ALL) that make them happy!

* First thing in the morning when I go get them out of bed
* Give them kisses
* Give them hugs
* Stick out my tongue
* Clap my hands
* Go Diego Go, Mickey Mouse, Yo Gabba Gabba
* Their bear bear & monk monk (Bear & Monkey heads on a little blanket)
* Binkys
* Music
* Pillows on the living room floor
* Any type of food
* Apple juice
* Going bye bye
* People
* Sing to them
* Playing with them
* Making silly noises
* Believe it or not, when it's bed time!
* Playing with everything they are not supposed to be playing with
* Books
* Learning new things
* Snacks
* Did I mention food?
* Dogs, animals, furry things
* Naps
* Cuddles with mama

My boys are happy babies. They LOVE a lot of things/people. I couldn't list them all. But here's a few tidbits :-)

Hope everyone is having a good day! :-)



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