Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday Frustrations

This week has actually been pretty good week. Not to say I don't have anything to complain about though! Like. sometimes I feel taken advantage of. Bleh. I do SO much for people & when I need something (i.e. a babysitter, a break!) nobody is there. YES, I do have a sitter often enough but... I don't know. It's whatever I guess.

I have been trying to go get my hair cut all week. Still haven't found 1 minute to do it.

I've been trying to sell some baby stuff on Craigslist, only a little luck.

Since when do books cost so much freaking money? For reals. I went to Walmart (Yes, I shop there quite often) to get the boys some books and I couldn't believe how much a Dr.Suess book was! The Cat in the Hat was $8. Tomorrow there is a library used book sale, I'm totally going.

Oh, here's one. My dog, Maxi. I love her. to. pieces. but she has been pissing me off. Maxi has been my best girlfriend for 15 (almost 16) years. She has been apart my life longer then she hasn't been, if that makes sense. Anyways, yeah she's old. Like a billion years in dog years... so... she's been losing control of her bladder. I know it's not her fault, I really do.. but she pees in the house. A LOT. And? It makes me mad. Because? I just let her outside when she does it.

Well, that's all for this Friday! See ya tomorrow for SMS!

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