Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Well, I slacked again on blogging! I have pretty good reason though. (More details in a few...) Anyways, last week my mom & I took the babies to the zoo! I keep trying to upload the pics but they won't.. so I'll post them tomorrow. (maybe) The boys had a fun time. Me? Not so much. I was so OVER the rude people. I just can't wrap my head around the fact that when you see someone with a double stroller & a wagon trying to get through you don't MOVE. Instead you just stand there starring at the damn polar bear like you're a 5 year old kid. I thought about this the whole time at the zoo for my Friday Frustration post. Well, because that's the only thing really that pissed me off that week.

As for the reason that I couldn't post really? Well, Leon started getting feverish Thursday night after the zoo. Thursday evening, Friday & Saturday he was running fevers on/off of like 102.5. Husband ended up taking him to the doctor Saturday morning and she said he was fine. I really dislike that doctor. They just want my copay I feel. It's always only about the money.

Both toddlers have been so CLINGY & WHINEY for the past 4-5 days. Logan has actually started running a temp last night. He's running one again today. It must be something viral one baby picked up & the other caught it. I hope they both feel better soon & get back to their normal selves.

Logan got his first boo boo the other day. I was at work. Daddy took some stuff to the car and the screen door didn't latch properly. Logan leaned against it and fell to the porch. :-(  He got a scratch on his forehead and he bit his lip. My poor boy. He's okay though!

My friend Nancy came over the other day and I tried out some hairstyles for her.. She's getting married at the end of the month! :-)

Hubs & I were gonna try and take off at the end of the month on a mini-vacay for his 30th and our 3 year wedding anniversary but we just don't think it's going to happen after all. We can't seem to find the time when we can both be off work and have my mom stay with the boys. Sad face.

I have something planned for this weekend that I have yet to run by said husband. I realllly wanna go to Ikea. I've never been and I have to get my living room back to a normal living room. Right now?? It's a toy room. And yes, I know, I have 2 toddlers that like to play but they have a room. And they will start using it. :-)

Oh.. and if you don't mind... please take a looksy at these blogs and pray for these people.

Pray for Tripp
Maddies Mom & Dad
Baby Pierce
Megans twins will arrive Friday SAFE and SOUND!
Jamsies mom & dad
Little Brayden!

I read these blogs all the time and their stories have pulled at my heart strings and I know they will yours too.

Take care!


Nancy said...

You changed your title on here :(

Cheryl said...

Yes I did. You don't like it??