Sunday, August 21, 2011

Happy Sunday!

Happy Sunday!

Remember I mentioned here that I wanted to go to IKEA but I didn't mention it to husband? Well, I did. And? We went. We were supposed to have a sitter but that fell through and we ended up taking the boys. That was a mistake to say the least. I'll back up a bit. Before IKEA we decided to go to dinner. The 4 of us. A nice family dinner.... UM... that wasn't smart! What was I thinking? Before our food even arrived the boys were cranky and ready to go. Husband took them to the car and I got to go boxes. I knew right there we shouldn't have gone to IKEA. But... we were already basically there. It was across the parking lot. So. We went. Everyone knows once you get in the showroom (why we went up there, I'll never know...) you can't get out! I was so over it. The kids were crying. Husband was cranky. We ran! Fast. We needed out of there.

Here are some pics:

 Leon at Leahs birthday party
 That's my new hair!
 Logan's bandaid!
 Logan eating a cupcake
 Katie from Loves of Life used these and I loved them! I think they turned out great.!

 I went to my cousins bridal shower today. She is getting married in November. I am so happy for her! Other then that our weekend was pretty calm.
How was yours??


LOVE MELISSA:) said...

Very cute!! Love the nails and your son is gorgeous!! Love the follow at

Cheryl said...

I already do! I'm going to guest blog for you! :-)

Jamie said...

Hi Im following you back. I thought they decided oragel was bad for babies? Hey we are same age and met our hubbies the same year! We were a year behind you guys getting engaged and married though... we tied the knot in 2009