Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Sooo.. I think when it comes to artsy stuff I am pretty good. I need inspiration most of the time or a play by play.. but I am not to bad. However, I get frustrated to easily. Grr! Also, I wish I were more creative. Like for example, I wanted to come up with bad ass title for my blog and what do I have... Double Blessings?! Yes, I do have double blessings but... could that be the lamest blog title ever or what?

Any suggestions?

Also, I wanna take up photography. Leon said I can get a new camera when we save up enough money! So excited! I've always loved photography as a hobby. I've been working with some photo editing programs, trying to learn them by myself.. If I could take some classes, I would. I just don't see it in the budget right now.

I've been hearing a lot of good things about Pinterest. OMG. I went on there for a second and had to leave! It gave me that inspiration I was talking about earlier. I wanted to do so many projects & take so many pictures. I don't think I can go on there anymore. Between Blogger, Twitter & Facebook I'm already on the internet way to much.

Anyways, I want to be more creative. :-(


Nancy said...

Hi loveie!! YOUR a great mother and father and you do have the best looking twin boys ever!! They make my heart melt every time i see them! and I love Photography also maybe we both can save up and take some classes together. I have a great starter camera! Maybe one day after the wedding we can get together and try and get some good pictures of the boys! and I love your blog title its not the lamest its not even lame! LOVE YOU

Nancy said...

oops your a great mother and LEON is a great FATHER**

Cheryl said...

Aww thanks babycakes! :-)

I'll look into some classes for us & get some prices. :-)