Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Something that has been on my mind lately has been discipline. When I was pregnant I said constantly, if one parent says no the other has to say no, if the babies cry because they want something I already took away- I wouldn't give in, etc... Well, that has went out the window (not completely, but...) I just feel bad if one of the kiddos want something (like a binky or my cell phone) and I already took it away. They give me the look and my heart melts. I just wanna give it back. And 90% of the time... I do. And? When hubby tells me to not give them a taste of something because they won't like it & it might upset their tummy (like a pickle) I do it anyways, because I want to. Now, I know in the future this will be unexceptable... like when one of the teenagers asks to use the car and dad says no, I know I can't say yes. That is not good co-parenting. Anyways, what I am curious to know from other mommies (not sure how many daddies read blogs) is were you like this with your kids? Did you always give in? I don't wanna be that mom that gives her child whatever they want because I don't want by any means to have spoiled children. Do I just let them cry and give me the look? Please help!

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Nancy said...

Wished I could help ya out on this one lovie! but i can't :(