Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Frustrations

Happy Friday..?

Well, today was an okay day. Work is hella busy. It made the day go by pretty quick though. I was thankful for that. So, on to my frustrations for today.. and this week.

Some idiot next door is jamming to oldies in his car and 9:20 at night.. jerk.

When someone sits their 12-16 month old little baby on the toilet and they are "potty trained!!" it really annoys me. Because you know what? YOU GOT LUCKY. Your child happend to pee when he/she sat on the damn thing and you witnessed it. Let's face it, as smart as our kids are.. they just don't know at that young age what going "pee pee" is. AND another thing.. if your kid is potty trained at 16 months old and can tell you he/she has to pee, then.. I apologize. And good for you.

My bills this week are outta control. I'm over it. I need more money. Like NA-OW.

I talked to an old friend this week. It was weird. And nice to catch up. (Don't ask me why this is in this post.)

Hubs is sick. When he's sick, I'm crabby. Why are men such babies? Like, I can have pneoumnia (sp?) and can't breathe at all but still take care of my babies and work 10 hours. (Then go to the ER)

I've been watching Bridezillas this week and MAN those girls are bitches.

Well, not to much to complain about today :-)

How about some cute as hell pictures? Sorry if you've already seen these posted on Facebook. I just can't resist.

 (Leon in the car)
 (Leon is walking.. and climbing-see below.)

 (Logan in the car)
(Logan eating his new shoes!)

What are your frustrations from this week?

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