Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Our weekend (a few days late)

A few days ago I mentioned that Leon & I had a pretty cool weekend planned for our anniversary and his birthday. Well- we did!
You know that on Friday my puppy passed away. I didn't think I would even want to continue on my weekend. I couldn't disappoint my husband though. So, here we go.

Saturday- we went to the Big & Rich w/ Gretchen Wilson concert. We are huge country music fans. We've went to a GW concert before but because of poor timing and cold weather, we left before she was even on stage. Big & Rich sang our wedding song, "Lost in this moment" so we thought that was kind of cool. Anyways, the concert was the the Pontiac Silver Dome and it was HOT in there. The doors opened at 5 and we got there at like 6:30ish. Well a bunch of bands were up first and that took forever. I was irritated because there was a dumb guy next to me, it was hot, husband was tired and I really wanted to see the headliners! So at like 10:00 they finally came on. We were tired. We saw about 45 minutes of the show and then we left. I don't regret that at all. We missed all of the traffic and still got home at a pretty decent time.

Sunday- my mom & dad bought Leon and I a room at the Greektown Casino/Hotel. My mom was going to keep the boys for us and we were gonna have a night away. I was very excited. Not only do I love the casino but I love hotels. I don't know why. (My mom ended up not keeping the boys because the stupid storm the night before knocked out the power- mother in law watched them.) Our room was beautiful! We were on the 21st floor with a view of the Renaissance Center and the Detroit River. I also saw fireworks over the river just sitting on my bed. OH and I saw into Comerica Park during the Tigers game. It was nice. We had a nice dinner in greektown, gambled & just enjoyed eachothers company. The next morning, I woke up before husband and went to the casino to try and win our money back. And I did.

Monday- I picked up my boys! I was SO excited to see them. I missed them so much. We went to my parents and had a BBQ for Labor Day.

That was my weekend.

Today I started a mission. My laundry room. It is outrgeous. I really need to get that in order. Anyways, how is everyone?

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