Thursday, September 15, 2011

15 months!

Leon and Logan just turned 15 months! Wow-za! I just love them so much. And they are so stinkin' cute. Today we had their check ups. Here are their stats

Leon: 22 lbs, 30"
Doc said she was not worried that Leon isn't walking yet. (I never was..) She said she would only be worried if like he wasn't pulling up on things, walking with holding our hands, etc. Plus, he walked across the room the other day unassisted. :-) That's my boy! Leon says words like ball, bath, dog, more, mom, mom-mom, Papa, book. He can point to his piggies, belly, nose & hair. Leon still has 8 teeth and so far? He's gotten 2 hair cuts!

(Leon with his lil fangs! lol)
Logan: 21 lbs, 30"
Logan is walking & now running! He is a climber. (help me!) Logan was running a fever for 3 days and then yesterday he broke out in a rash. The doctor said today he has roseola. Thankfully it's no a bad virus, but a virus none the less. He's getting all better. Logan isn't much of a "I can say a million words" talker but he TALKS. We just don't know what he's saying. Mostly we hear things like "I did it" or "I see it" hehe! Logan has 7 teeth and has gotten 1 hair cut! :-)

(Logan with strawberries all over his face! lol)
You know that twin language everyone asks about? Well, I think L & L have it! It's so cute. I am so blessed. The last 15 months have been so fun. This age is just amazing! I love watching them learn new things. And knowing I taught them it? Makes my heart happy. Today my mom & I were driving and talking (loud apparently) because Leon was in the backseat with hs finger over his mouth saying "shhhh!!" LOL- cutest thing ever. My mom just kept saying that she taught him that!

Here they are at dinner today..

It is SO hard to get them both in a picture anymore. Well, when they are actually looking at the camera. So some fun facts:

12 mths clothes
Size 4 Pampers
Size 4 shoe
LOVE fruit (especially blueberries)
Logan loves peas & carrots
Leon hates all veggies
Love baths
They don't like meat (well, except chicken)
Love people (even strangers...)

I usually write letters to the boys on here, but I am phsyically writing them letters for their boxes.

Happy Thursday!

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