Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thursdays Top 10

I am going to start something new today. Thursday Top 10 can be any topic I feel like writing about. I usually always write Top 10's when the year is coming to an end. On Myspace I used to do it every week. I got a lot of comments on them, so here we go.

Top 10 favorite things about TODAY:

10.  The TIGERS are playing right now against the Yankees in the Playoffs! Let's go Tigers, eat em up!

(The twins have on their Tiger gear here! My future ball players!)

9. Today I bought some new (different) things for the boys to eat. They are so picky so I am trying to new things.

8. The Ellen Show was so funny today! Derrick & Ricki from DWTS were on. Love them.

7. Oh, I got my hair cut today. It's really short. I love it though!

6. As I was taking a shower, baby Leon came walking in with his rubber ducky & fish. He thought he was going to take a shower with me lol

5. I got more followers on Twitter (What can I say? Today was not eventful and pretty much sucked besides these things lol)

4. Last night (yes, it's considered today because it was after midnight) Leon and Logan slept all night. FINALLY. We have been having mad issues with this.

3. My chicken I had for lunch was yummy.

2. My house has been somewhat clean today :-)

1. KELLY! I had lunch with Kelly today! I've missed her. It was so nice to catch up. And she did the nicest thing. Not one person has ever did this. She said..

She wants to come get the twins on Sunday and spend time with them. And give me time to myself! I mean, if I ask my mom to, she usually watches them... but for someone to offer. Blows my mind. I am so grateful for friends like her.

That is all. See you soon.

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