Friday, July 22, 2011

Bad Blogger here!

I say this all the time... but I'm such a bad blogger. I've been so caught up in reading blogs that I forget to update mine. Oopsy.

Well. Lot's of things happening over here. Leon & Logan are ONE!! Well, technially 13 months. They had a great Birthday Party. I'll post some pics.

 Grandma & Papa
 Daddy & Babies

It was a fun day. Exhausting. But fun.

Let's see.. some updates on my boys.

L & L LOVE to eat. Their favorite things right now are yogurt & fruit. All fruit. Logan loves veggies. Leon doesn't care for them to much but if I hide them in his real food, he will eat them. They are touch & go with meats. They do love Mac & Cheese though.

No bottles! When they were 12 months old, I took them away. Mean mom. They did good though. Well, actually since they were 11 months they only had one before bed so to cut that last one out wasn't to bad. They didn't even notice. They take sippys like champs.

The binky on the other hand? Not so much. I've cut it out throughout the day (except for nap & bedtime) for the most part but those boys are stubborn! :-(

Logan is up to 8 teeth-4 at the top. 3 on the bottom. 1 back molar. (This molar was a very.sleepless.night.) He's also a WALKER now! He's been taking steps for a few weeks but now he's actually walking! Everywhere! Mama is so proud of you, Logie Bear!

Leon is up to 8 teeth as well. 4 on top. 4 on bottom. Looks like he has fangs when he smiles! So cute!! :-) This lil lazy bum doesn't wanna walk. I'm not worried though. He'll walk when he has somewhere to go! Or.. when he sees Logan do it enough.

It's hard to believe I actually have two toddlers. Seems like yesterday they were born. Here's a few pics!.

 The pics above are from a park when they were on swings for the first time in June. They LOVED them!

The pics with the bowties are from 4th of July. I got those from a boutique on Facebook. They were so cute. I put these pics in a contest at Easy Canvas Prints & we were so close almost won!

Anyways, I started tweeting again. I think I like it more the Facebook because it's way less drama. Some mommies that I follow on here are also on Twitter & I enjoy reading their updates. :-)

Until next time...


P.S. I want a new blog layout. How do I get it? :-)

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