Saturday, July 23, 2011

Happy Saturday

Today has been such a rainy day! I'm totally not complaining though because we have been having the heat wave from hell! I think it was 112* the other day. My air couldn't keep up with the heat, it was about 85* in my house. I didn't like it. Neither did the kiddos. We thought it might have a little something to do with the fliters on our furnace so today we went to Home Depot and got some new ones. Here's the babies while we were there.

They love going shopping. Just like their Mama. While we were there I got some spray paint because I wanted to paint a little table/chair set they got from Megan. It's the perfect size for them! See..

I plan on painting it green & blue since those were their designated colors from birth. You know, one baby (Leon) wears green most of the time & gets to be a State fan. One baby (Logan) wears blue most of the time & gets to be a U of M fan. Well, until they get their own opinion. Anyways, I will post a pic when I am actually done painting it. It should be super cute!

So, as I've said before I read a lot of blogs on here. It has kinda come a daily routine. Well, I read today that a little girl Lauren passed away after what was supposed to be her final heart surgery. You can read her story here. Please go to her page & leave the family some heartful words and say a prayer for them & Lauren. She was only 3. It happens to much on here that I get some emotionally involved with other peoples kids & families. It's so sad to read about. Breaks my heart. I will say a prayer for all those angels tonight.

Tomorrow I am hoping to get a matinee in at the movies. I really want to see "Friends with Benefits"... I hope Leon goes for it.

Our neice, Micayla, is spending the weekend with us. She is helping out with the boys so Leon & I can get some projects done around the house. We got some done today. I hope to finish tomorrow & Monday. For now though, I have a splinter in my foot that needs some attending. Leon went to get tweezers.

Wish me luck.


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