Monday, May 30, 2011


Well, the past few days have sucked to say the least. I'll start with Friday. Friday morning Leon woke up a runny nose & cough. I just thought he was getting a cold... with the back & forth with the weather and all.. can you blame me?! Well, Friday night he was sounding more congested so I decided to hook up the old humidifier in their room. (At this point, Logan was fine) Saturday morning he woke with some rattling in his chest. I decided to give him a breathing treatment. We already have a nebulizer from hubby because of his asthma. And they already have albuteral because they had bronchulitis like a month and a half ago. To me? The breathing treatment worked so we packed up and took the boys to grandmas and I went to work. About an hour into my shift my mom called me and said that Leon was really struggling to breathe. Now, if you know my mom she.. exaggerates. But to be safe I called hubby (who was about 30 mins from home) to go get him and take him to the urgent care. At urgent care he received a breathing treatment and some steroids. They sent him home and said if he got worse to just go to the ER. I got off of work at 1 and when I got to my moms I just looked at him and said "LET'S GO!".. hubby and I packed up the diaper bag and went to St.Joe (where we know all to well because dad & I were both in there over the past 2 months!). When we got there they immediately took Leon back because they could see how much trouble he was having to breathe. I swear seeing all of those nurses & doctor around my little baby made me feel so helpless. Que sob fest! I just wanted him to feel better. After he got on some oxygen and 3 breathing treatments, IV fluids & steroids they decided he still needed to be admitted. Since we were at St.Joe and his doctors are all out of U of M we needed to be transferred. Well, U of M didn't have any beds open. St.Joe said they would keep us if they didn't want him to be where there was a pediatric unit a hand (which they do not.) Sob fest # 2. Our next choice? Childrens Hospital in Detroit. Not only did I not want this because I hate Detroit and think most staff at Detroit Hospitals are rude but this is the exact hospital my brother died in. Dumb. Well, baby & I were transferred by ambulance and hubby met us later. We were in the ER at Childrens for awhile and finally settled at about 10 pm. We didn't have a neighbor so that made us happy. Yesterday afternoon we ended up getting a neighbor. Boo. The child cries. A lot. And the parents? Sleep. A lot. Anyways, today is now 2 days later... and we are still here. He isn't on oxygen anymore though and getting better. He feels better though! He's blowing kisses and waving hi to everyone!.. I think we are leaving soon. We are just waiting for the attending to come see us. We were so excited to go home because Hubby & Logan were gonna come see pick us up.. However, Logan is currently on his way to U of M ER because he is getting the same symptoms Leon did. My prayer request is this:
God please heal my babies and make them better. Please look out for them in their time of need and let us be together as a family again soon. Amen.

Heres a pic of my little boy in his jail.

He looks happy here. His couldn't move his poor arm!
And I will keep everyone updated on Logan as well.
Mommy loves you guys.


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