Monday, July 25, 2011

A movie review

So, today the hubster & I (& our neice Micayla) went to the movies and saw Friends With Benefits.
I really enjoyed it. I love Mila & Justin anyways so this was just my kind of movie! I think it was rated R for the right reasons. Definitely a lot of sex, cussing, & some mild nudity.. but it was mostly JT's booty so I didn't mind! :-) The plot was good. The references to "real life" were also pretty good! I give it a 10! I am going to buy it as soon as it comes out. :-)

Go see it!

I painted the table & chairs I referenced in my last post. It looks so cute! I forgot to take a pic and upload, so I'll do that tomorrow.

Oh, and remember that splinter I said I had on Saturday night? Well, it's still in my foot. Leon & I tried for like an hour & a half to get it out... no such luck. I hope it comes out on it's own.

I took the babies swimming on Sunday in our community pool. They loved it. I am going to put them in swim classes soon! I just need to find a buddy to help me take them.

Switched at Birth is coming on now- my new favorite show!!!

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