Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Some random thoughts

I read my "live journal" today! OMG. I think before then it was "dead journal".. It was so weird to read that. Things were so simple back then. Now I have so much to worry about. I have to worry about getting all of my bills paid, making sure my kids have what they need, making sure I can be the best wife/mommy I can be, my job, my house.. the list goes on & on. Things were much simpler when I was 20. Don't get me wrong though... I LOVE my life. I'm just rambling.

Remember that splinter I had in my foot? Yeah, it's still there. Still hurts. I think I'm going to buy this stuff called "Draw out Salve"... wish me luck!

I took the boys to Walmart today to do a little grocery shopping. My mom met us there so it wasn't so hard to shop. Last time we went to the grocery store the boys gave me such a hard time! I vowed to never go grocery shopping again alone. Anyways, L & L were so cute because they wave to everyone they see now. I tell them they are such flirts. :-)

Speaking of Walmart.

I had the rudest cashier. She put 4 boxes of cereal in one bag and when I went to grab it she said "Oh wait, I can put more in there." Whhaattt?? You already have the bag ripping at the seams! I told her it was okay and that she didn't need to put anymore in there. She just started shaking her head at me and laughing. I lost it. I said, "UM.. is there a problem?!" After every bag I asked her if it was okay if I took it or if she needed to add more stuff. The whole time my mom kept saying, "I told you she was the rude one".. lol. Ugh. Being in customer service myself I try to keep my cool and be nice but some people...

Anyways, I have a pretty bad headahce tonight.



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