Thursday, October 20, 2011


I am not a big fan of Halloween. I never have been. When I was little my uncle used to take me trick-or-treating and I was always bashful & never wanted to go to the door. I would go up in a group of kids and just hold my bag out. I couldn't bring myself to ask for candy from a stranger. So anyways, my point.

I have been getting asked like every day what I am dressing the boys as. Truth is? I am not dressing them up. I didn't dress them up last year either. I have 2 main reasons why I am not dressing them up. One- I am not spending a small fortune on something they will wear for 2-3 hours and probably hate. Two- They aren't going trick-or-treating. I mean yeah, I could load them up in the stroller and take them trick-or-treating but why would I? They can't eat candy and they aren't going to be doing the work. I am. I will be the one asking for the candy.. when if you remember I said- I don't do that! :-)

When the twins are older they can decide if they want to go trick-or-treating. I will not take them before they are ready and know what Halloween is all about.

(Disclaimer: If you take your little babies out and dress them up I am not bashing or saying it is wrong in any way! I promise. It's just not for us.)
I dressed up a couple years for Halloween. That was the first time since I can't even remember. I bought some $20 wizard costume from Walmart. Leon got a mask and a cape and was the Scream guy. We only did that because we had a party to go to where costumes were mandatory..

And now? We are in the same coat. We have 2 parties to go to within the next two weekends where we have to dress up. Do I just bail on the parties because I don't want to buy costumes or do I suck it up because L wants to go and he wants to dress up.

Okay so now for the REAL reason I hate Halloween.


Ok, I might be a little embarrassed to admit that the sole reason I hate Halloween is because of a stupid movie killer but really? The guy FREAKS ME OUT!! And the music? Please God no. And not just him. Freddy, Jason, Chainsaw guy, etc.. I am not a scary movie person by any means. I hate being scared. I hate when things jump out at me. I hate being chased. I can't even put my windsheild wipers on full blast without my heart racing.

(Theres my confesstion I am not proud of...)

So... I have been to a few haunted houses in my day. Not because I wanted to go. But because some friends were going and asked me to go. And here's how those times went.

The first time I went with 2 girlfriends (Tam are you reading!?) Since this was my first time (A haunted house virgin?) I didn't know that if you acted like you were afraid the monsters (yes, monsters) would keep coming after you and getting in your face. Well..the second I saw *Ahem* *HIM* I freaked out. I couldn't breathe! I marched my sassy little self to the apple & cider table and waited for my friends to be done. HE stalked me the whole night. When we got back to a friends house she made it known to her family that I was so freaked. We got back and they all plotted to scare me SOME MORE. They succedded. I stomped my feet like a little baby and left. I regret that now because I know they were only joking and trying to have some fun.. but still!

I went back to that Haunted House place the next year. I went with some guy friends from work. I think I scratched some people, ripped some shirts, and even choked someone?

I went with those same guys to another HH in Pontiac Mi that is the largest and scariest HH in the state. You guys, it was 4 freaking floors of monsters. One monster heard a friend of mine and myself talking and he heard me say that I hated Michael. I think at one point my friend mentioned my name because all the monsters were screaming for Michael to get "Cheryl".. it was humiliating and so scary. THEN they locked me and another in a room full of monsters and told us to find our way out. That sucked.

I also went to Halloweekends at Cedar Point once. I was okay with this place because I could avoid the scary places. My husband had to literally pick up my cousin Karissa and carry her away when she saw Freddy.


Those are all the reasons why I hate Halloween. Now that I have written an essay, do you like Halloween? Why or Why not? Here is a pic from last Halloween when the lil ones were still.. little.

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