Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I'm bacccck.

Ok, so really I haven't been gone that long. My laptop battery and powercord went to crap so I didn't have these things for several days. I have finally caught up on my blog readings and will start posting again. First though, I do have to say that something very unfortunate happened in my family on October 8th. My cousin, Kenny, only 34 years old, went to be with Jesus. It was unexpected.

Due to this unfortunate event we took the twins on their first long trip overnight. I'll talk more about that in a bit. We also stayed in a hotel. This is not the first time they have spend the night in a hotel but kind of is? If that makes sense. When they were like 1 month old we had to stay in a hotel because it was 8000 degrees and we had no power from the storms. BUT this time was a little different. They were in a unfamiliar place that didn't have much room for two toddlers & waaayyy to much stuff.

However, they did awesome on the drive there and back.

So, here's how our trip played out.

Saturday morning (10/15) we woke up at 5:30 to get showered and load the car. At 6:30 I woke Leon and Logan up. I changed their dipes, put clean jammies (so they would be comfy), fed them some grub and put them in the car. With some unplaned stops and such, we got there about 11:40. Thankfully our hotel was able to get us checked in early. We got in, unpacked, changed and left again. We had to meet at my aunts house at 1:00 so we could follow my parents to the memorial.

Leon & Logan cried. And they cried. A LOT. There were a lot of people that they didn't know at the memorial service. People wanted to hold them. They were just not used to that. The memorial service for my cousin was beautiful. Thankfully there was a nursery at the Church so hubby stayed in there with the boys. There was a monitor on the whole time so he could hear the service. We weren't able to stay for the lunch because the boys were ready to go and nap.

We went back to the hotel and changed. Then we went and got some dinner. There was a bunch of family at my aunts house that I don't see very often so we went to see them. Actually, some that haven't even met Leon and Logan. When we got there the boys were in a better mood thankfully! They played a lot. :-)

After that, we took the boys swimming in the indoor pool at the hotel. That was nice.

Then!! Get this. The twins actually slept all night. I thought we would have issues being in a hotel, them both sleeping in pack and plays, the long day, etc.. but they did great.

Okay, so Sunday.

I had plans (since I knew we were going north) that we would go walk the dock on the water and go to the beach. I knew it would be cold but we were only gonna be out there for a minute. I wanted to get some pics. But when we got there... that wind was something fierce. So instead we just walked around the playground near the beach and let the boys (and us) play for a little bit. I got some good pics there.

Right before the drive home we stopped by my uncles house. He had never met the kiddos either so since we were there we stopped.

That was our weekend. It was busy, sad, nice, happy.. everything.

I have some more posts I've been thinking of writing so I'll probably be here everyday for the next week or so writing! :-)

Here are some pics :-)

 (Daddy and boys)
 (Mommy and Leon)
 (Mommy and Logan)
 (The boys & I)
(The boys and I again...)

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