Friday, June 19, 2009

working hard for the money.

Hey all. So this past week has been just AMAZING! Leon has been working days so we have actually lived a normal life! He normally works afternoons or midnights- which we don't complain about because he has a job and that's all that matters! But having him home with me every night this past week was fabulous. We were able to eat dinner together... which he grilled because I don't know how to work it! We watched our shows together and didn't argue to much about the other shows we were gonna watch! lol. I totally got him watching 'Im a celebrity get me out of here!'. On Tuesday we took Colin putt putt golfing with my dad and Ray. That was a lot of fun. It was so funny we were trying to put Colins car seat in the car. 'get the practice' everyone said... so we tried. We failed. I ended up having to call Heather and get the low down on how to do it! My mom asked how we were going to put our babys car seat in and Leon said 'our babys will have instructions'... lol. Let's see.. that's pretty much all we did this week though. Spending time with eachother is good enough for us. I wil post some pics from putt putt later. I am blogging this from my cell. So, until later.... - CL

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