Sunday, June 21, 2009

it's fathers day.

Happy Fathers Day to all of the Fathers and Fathers to be. Leon not being one of them! It's okay, I'm not bitter. Yet. Though we have hope that by the next Fathers Day, Leon will be a father or father to be. So for now, today is about my dad and all the wonderful fathers I know. Leon's father isn't with us anymore but we sure did think about him today and all the nice memories we have of him. We went over my dads today and had a BBQ over there with him and my uncle Dennis who came over. Thats pretty much all we did today. Well, after that we went to the pool in our complex for a quick dip. The water was cold and it was toooo crowded.
I love my dad. From the moment I can remember I have loved him unconditionally. He's really a great person. I can't say how much I appreciate him. I don't take him for granted. That would be one piece of advice I will always carry around with me. Never take your parents for granted. My dad (And mom while I'm here) have always been there for me. Always. I hope to re-pay them some day. Though they say "Bring on the baby". They are going to start making a nursery sooner rather then later I can imagine. Quick convo my dad and I had the other day which was pretty funny.
Me: "Daddy, do you want a grandson or granddaughter?"
Dad: "I want both."
Me: "We can't afford twins."
Dad: "Oh yes we can."
He's going to be a great Papa. Soo... back to Leon. For right now, Leon has Jasper and Maxi. He loves them a lot... even though he doesn't like to admit it. He takes care of them, feeds, waters, and even cleans Jaspers litter box. Because I don't like to. :)
Ok, well, I'm gonna go now. I'll update on Tuesday after my HSG test. Here are some pics. -CL

Leon with Maxi
And Jasper

Me with my daddy

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