Saturday, July 18, 2009

sorry it's been a few days...

Me driving the cart
the 4 man rotation

Uncle Pete, mom, Aunt Debbie, Hook

The guys

Me and my love

Hello! I wish I could say the reason I haven't updated the blog was because I was busy, but I really wasn't. I'll be honest! I am taking a medicine right now that I take for 10 days to bring the monthly... and it makes me really cranky! And tired. And irritable. And lazy. So, that's why I haven't updated. I am still taking it but I feel a little better today. This past week has not been very eventful either. Leon, my dad and uncle all went golfing last Sunday and I got to go with.. but only to drive the cart. They wouldn't let me play for some reason. :) Driving the cart is loads of fun though! I would do it again. So this week was pretty much work, sleep, and watch TV. Leon worked a lot of extra hours this week finally! Hopefully he can start getting his over time back. Today was pretty cool... kinda. After work we (Leon, mom, dad, Hook, Aunt Deb, Uncle Waybe, Uncle Pete and his gf Robin) were all going to see the Blue Angels. We weren't going to the air show itself but my dad and Leons work is so close we just thought we would go there to see them. Of course my camera died right after the first couple pictures! I did get some good ones from my phone though. Mad props to the people driving those planes. They rock! The only thing that blew was on the way home it took us 1 1/2 hours from my dads work, which is about 5 minutes from where my dad lives. That was frustrating. So on to other news: The reason I write the blog. I still haven't started the Clomid. I was supposed to start it around today but since my cycle hasn't started I can't... and no I'm not pregnant! I never thought I would actually want my cycle to come lol. Thats all I have to update on really. Oh and I fell into the world of Harry Potter which I said I wouldn't do. Oh boy. Lata. -CL

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