Friday, July 24, 2009

bored on lunch.

hello! so I on my lunch right now so I thought I'd write a quick blog.. though I don't really like to unless I can add a couple pics, which I can't because I'm on my cell. oh well. so I finally stopped taking the provera! I will be starting the clomid soon!! yay!! I can't believe I had second thoughts... which I did. I thought maybe I shouldn't because of the financial situation. but then I thought about it more and decided to take it. it could take months to even get pregnant and by then we will have cut back on the things we don't need.. that's why I'm shutting off our comcast! they want to much money... money that could be used for a baby! :) so I am excited to start...i am excited for this weekend. I don't know why, we aren't doing anything.... maybe rent a few movies. anyways, leon is going back on midnights next week for a couple weeks! we like when he works nights... afternoons suck. I never see him! I think that's really about it. I gotta get back to work! ttyl. -CL

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